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  1. Ok, I gotta quit my job or you guys need to put the keyboards down. Almost 200 posts today alone!!! Some of you are on here at work... go on, admit it! [emoji23]
  2. Just a bump.... had to go out of town and just returned. Don't know if I missed the PR7 or not as it wasn't going to be on display long before the owner picked it up. Called Dealer today but like most, he's closed on Monday's. More to follow as I'd still like to see this bike in person.
  3. I'm waiting for a call to swing a leg over the new PR7. Three of these (all spoken for) are coming in to AZ any day now.
  4. My first real introduction to the importance of clickers was Moab years ago. Heading out to Green River hitting the miles of deep sand whoops that was swallowing my bike and wearing me out at the same time on a perfectly sprung bike. Dude behind me whipped out a leatherman and put a few clicks of compression into the front and rear and it was like night and day. Whoops were then fun!!! At the next stop I thanked the guy and he said no thanks were needed, he didn't do it for me, he did it for him.... he jokingly said he was getting seasick watching me. [emoji23]
  5. I'm no suspension guru, but I've always been told Static sag helps determine preload is adjusted correctly.
  6. Heading down I-15 in Utah. Just passed RMATV. Damn wallet almost jumped out of the truck!
  7. Yeah, think I'm paying extra for the Grey Poupon and back rub during the helo flight.
  8. Gotta carry the InReach. For $29 a month ya can't beat it.
  9. I can definitely appreciate it. I've had 4 of them over a 7-year period. They handle so good for a big bike they give you a false sense of security and can get you into trouble fast. When things go wrong on a big bike off road, they go wrong fast and rarely can you save them. Can't get away from gravity and you can't really appreciate gravity until you've wielded such a bike across the desert or down a trail. That said, they do surprising well. Here's a couple vids of mine and a history vid I did on them.
  10. Just under 440 with 6 gallons of fuel....438 IIRC. Never weighed it dry or with less fuel. Suspect about 410-415 with a gallon or so. That was with a 7lb skid plate.
  11. 2007 KTM 950 Super Enduro. Way too many mods to list. Bottom line, ~100 hp, ~400lbs, 200+ mile range, 120+ mph on knobbies, and every thumpers worst nightmare if they try to pass you.
  12. Built this... it is the ultimate twin off road weapon.
  13. Had a white and red RD250 as my first street bike in high school. I was in Small Engine repair Vocational School in my junior year. I took the bike in as my project for a grade. I tore the top end apart, bored and honed it. Put in Wisco piston and rings and Some intake work. That thing was a wheelie machine the first three gears. What a hoot! Got an A in my class for it as well. Thinking about it, it was the only A in my 12 yrs of schooling. Something about white t-shirts with cigarettes rolled up in one sleeve, tattoos, and not doing any homework didn't get me many A's. [emoji23]
  14. FWIW, I slightly tore my MCL in the off season and promptly went out and tried everything on I could from stores to friends braces. I settled on the A-Stars Carbon Tech Fluid braces. Love them and they are adjustable, lots of safety features . I don't have the largest set, but not sure how large they go. They come with several inserts to fine tune to knee size and are stupid light and stay in place.
  15. Clake 2. One finger clutch and integrated one finger LHRB. The LHRB when pulled in also pulls the clutch in equally. Only way I can explain is it's kinda like a recluse in that you can't stall it, but you have full clutch control and maintain all engine breaking at all rpms. It's a game changer. And you can do worthless shit like this holding the bike in gear running with one finger that has absolutely nothing to do with riding other than it makes you giggle...