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  1. That would be awesome. Unfortunately if we walk the course first we're disqualified. [emoji23]
  2. Prices went up, but think it's $25. That's for the whole park. There's several desert loops, some endurocross, and a rock crawlers section, plus the mx track and vet track. I go there to practice when I don't have a ridding buddy to hit the desert trails. Nice to know others are close if you need help.
  3. Here's the difference between Enduro and mx. In Enduro we are trained to get on the brakes when you can't see what's on the other side of a jump/obstical. In mx the crazies grab a handful of throttle up the face and can't see what's on the other side. I just can't get my mind to launch into the unknown without mentally seeing everything in my head.
  4. Yup, there's that table top that scares the crap out of me. It's scarier in person. Lol.
  5. Great night last night in Phx at the 2018 AMRA Championship Banquet. Huffman is still hilarious. AMRA averaged 180-200+ bikes a race this past season. A couple races were ~240 bikes and one was an ISDE Qualifier. It's growing quick and still barrels of fun. One big family really. I'm pleased with my 2018 results and looking forward to start of next season in the fall [emoji106]
  6. That's what I'm gonna do. Kid down the street is 18 and been a MCMP track rat forever. I'm gonna buy him a set of tires, fill his gas jug, pay his track fee for the day and follow him all day till I can't do it any more. I figure one day with him would be a 100 days of me alone doing trial and error. Dude clears everything out there on his yz250.
  7. Sophie would know current condition as we raced there earlier in the year. I don't recall a kicker. They have a right hander a couple hundred feet before it to bleed speed, but you can still launch it it 3rd or 4th. I,be watched the mx guys clear it landing the backside. Most Enduro guys flat land the middle and it will zap the energy out of you. I tried once in 4th and got my front wheel to the back of it, but I almost wrecked and never tried again. That was on the 500 which is s DS bike. Hoping I can gain some skills on the new bike and get the courage to let it fly.
  8. Also, now that I have the XC-F I might go out at night there too. I suck at mx, but for me its the best seat time cardio workout there is. Running and rowing only gets me so far. Getting out in the track and getting my suck on gets the heart pumping [emoji106]
  9. What's the long table top right after the start on the northwest side of the track called? I hit that with the 500 and flat landed and about wrecked. Gotta hit that one fast or slow, not half committed or it has a dip in the middle that make for s hard landing.
  10. Hanging with Larry "Supermouth" Huffman tonight in Phx at the awards ceremony. Guy is a riot.
  11. That would be awesome! Neighborhood would freak out!
  12. 9 months of the year is dead desert brush grass. ~3 months of the year in our wet season it does this.... no buds though.... [emoji23] M
  13. Got a delivery from FedEx. DR 52" Brush mower to tow behind my ATV. I'm tired of spending 9+hrs mowing 11 acres on a 40" zero turn mower at 5mph. This should cut that time in half or more I hope!
  14. Absolutely. Might be a few weeks. Got three months to get it sorted. Sold my FJR this am at 0830 and plopped down the cash at 1000 for the bike so all my mod money is gone. Gonna be a slow build to Oct, but gotta get radiator protection, skid plate, and fan before first ride. I'm a novice/intermediate racer, but I'm an expert in crashing. Lol!
  15. Will go with a full FMF. Worked great on my 500. Always passes sound and sparky checks.