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  1. On all the re-builds I did, I just take it to Honda of Sanford and pay the 20 bucks for the prep work. They woul clean any old gasket letf on the base and head portion, hone it and clean it really good. Worth it to me.
  2. fiveboyces

    Crf 450 mega bomb

    Thats now a rock crawler
  3. fiveboyces

    Best aftermarket part for horsepower

    Best aftermarket mod: a 450
  4. fiveboyces

    best bars for 09 CRF 450

    Local bars for sure,
  5. How was the install? Pretty straight foward? I am deployed now and buying up some goodies for my dirt bikes for when I get home. A replacement clutch kit or totaly new set up were on my mind for upgrades. I am just wondering what to do. Thanks, Scott
  6. fiveboyces

    How can I soften front brake?

    spray the rotor with motor oil, Wd-40 or baby oil, works every time
  7. fiveboyces

    just got an 08crf450r what can i expect?

    Expect the best CRF450 Honda put out. I regret getting rid of mine for the 2010
  8. fiveboyces

    Gas tank is warped at the petcock/leaks.

    We have a 2010 and it belongs to my youngest. Same problem. Got the bike brand new, east coast and it drools fuel all over the place. I am deployed now so the tank is empty. What was the process to accuore a new tank from Kawasaki? Thanks
  9. fiveboyces

    My 2011 450 build.

    If you are going to post pictures of your bike in your house, you should clean your house prior to taking the pictures. Just an observation.
  10. fiveboyces

    2007 CRF250

    We got ours brand new in 08. Bike has had no problems other then the valves tightening up. Took it to the dealer and got them adjusted, now it fires on one to two kicks like new. If I could find another brand new left over somewhere I would buy it for my middle son.
  11. fiveboyces

    Exhaust/back tire suggestions for an 06 crf250r

    We found that the stock was the best set up for the bike. You can pick them up pretty cheap for new on eBay and that's way cheaper then aftermarket. As for tires we tried 110/80/19 MX-51 and my son didn't like it. We run the 100/90/19 MX-51 and love it for the tracks in our area.
  12. fiveboyces

    what oil? 2010 crf250r

    I am a bit extreme, my 450 and my sons 250 get a new filter and Rottela oil change after each ride. The motors are tracked with hour meters but the oil/filter is changed after each ride. We have been doing this for years and never had a motor fail on us.
  13. fiveboyces


    You get what you pay for. I have three kids riding. 150-200 bucks aren't worth it. They have fox v3 and shoei. Just saying look for sales on high end helmets or save for new. The fox v1 is not what I want if my head hits the ground.
  14. Are we for real?? Gathered around the TV Saturday night for A-1 and this A$$ Clown is singing some cruddy song. The video of Metz and Deegan in thongs riding that clapped out CR would have been way better. I'm sorry Thumper Talk for slamming this guy and if you must ban me for this I will accept it with honor. But Brett Michaels??!! Ralph, Jeff and "Little" Ricky are enough to deal with during the coverage and listing to "Like For sure that guy may get the Rock Hard award given by Brett Michaels" is plenty. There are so many other racers on the track during the main event for the 450s. We don't need the above three guys referencing the #7 67 times in the twenty laps. Don't believe me go back to your DVR and count. Its true. Look I love SX with all my heart and my kids love it as well but when the 8 year old son says it was weak I will take his side. Take this for instance. I was deployed to Pakistan and while my wife took the kids to Jacksonville for the super cross in 2010 I was on the phone with her while she waited in K-Dubs line. She asked him if he would speak to me and he did for about 5 minutes. That was classy. What's even better last year when we went back to Jacksonville we went back to the Geico rig to check out the bikes. K-Dub was there and we spoke for a while. He remembered the phone conversation and took time for the conversation. Class act. Look I may be a little mad right now, got some issues built up from 20 years in the Army and all the deployments since some COWARDS flew some planes into some buildings, today is the two year anniversary since I last saw my buddy when we lost him to a IED, but all I have to say is...... Really Brett Michaels???
  15. fiveboyces

    new gen crf450

    Clutch is iffy depending on the amount of abuse you throw at it.