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  1. jasonbarnard1

    Chain Stretch

    How often should a chain need re adjusting?? Mine seems to stretch alot and needs adjusting every week. I`m fond of wheelies and ride about 20miles a day. Just seems that at this rate I`ll run out of adjustment!!!!
  2. jasonbarnard1

    Question about a possible timing mod

    I have one on my GSXR600. Called TRE mod Timing Retard Eliminator
  3. jasonbarnard1

    Electronic gizmo

    looks like some sort of electronic ignition system. Looks like a HT lead coming out the other end. Hmmm sohould my Yosh have that clip on the join from the down pipe???
  4. jasonbarnard1

    bigger gas tank!

    I use the Clarke and it fits like a glove. ONLY down side is the choke will only pull out to the 1st click.
  5. jasonbarnard1


    Anyone know em?? 1st Gear Ratio 2nd Gear Ratio 3rd Gear Ratio 4th Gear Ratio 5th Gear Ratio found this and I`m trying to work it all out! http://http://www.dropbears.com/u/utilities/images/Gearing_V12.zip
  6. jasonbarnard1

    Installing new grips

    I`m gonna install new grips but wanna avoid the same problem I alwyas get. I use spray grip glue but I always get a sticky throottle where the glue congregates at the end of the grip and stops it turning or springing back. Whats the best way to use the grip glue???
  7. jasonbarnard1

    What have you made for your DRZ ?

    Cool idea!! I`m forever knocking them with my leg as I get on. What did you use??
  8. jasonbarnard1

    TL1000 brake caliper

    Seen a guyu on Ebay selling a SM brake disc and a TL1000 caliper/master. He says its a direct swap. Is this true? Will the TL caliper fit the std or SM bracket? If it does, is it better than stock??
  9. jasonbarnard1

    OT, need advice from the Fathers

    Make sure that poo cutter is well lubed! Or he`ll end up with major ring sting!
  10. jasonbarnard1

    Rolling roaded my S

    All i know is they used a 40main. I ideally needs an insert cos it`s soooo loud now! Nice but I`m sure the novelty will wear off! Where do I get the inserts?? Will they make it real quiet? Want it loude than stock but prehaps less than it is now!
  11. jasonbarnard1

    Rolling roaded my S

    Yeh, think so! Took the spark resistor out and there is nothing else in there to remove. Should it have come with inserts??? if I fit an insert will it need the carb readjusting??
  12. jasonbarnard1

    Rolling roaded my S

    100% stock
  13. jasonbarnard1

    Rolling roaded my S

    Well here is the GRAPH . Red is bone stock and blue after the mods. What dya recon guys
  14. jasonbarnard1

    New sproket

    so what gearing did you have there?
  15. jasonbarnard1

    New sproket

    Now I`ve done the last bit once!!!! On the street!! 3rd gear rolling along on 1 wheel, lovley. TEHN dip inthe road and I loop it! Bike slides along and smashes into parked car!! Great!!