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    EC300 2018 starter issues

    You maybe just opening up a whole can of worms with that question. There is a ECM remap recall. Check with your dealer and give them you vin # to see if yours was updated. Larger battery cables and some use a iridium spark plug.

    Miki Arpa. ... Gasgas article

    Well I'm sold that's for sure. I love the support all the long time riders give to all us newbies. Lol

    Miki Arpa. ... Gasgas article

    That's a great inside to what's going on. I am truly pleased with this red machine. And there seems to be an amazing almost cultish following for these bikes. Dealers are really bucking up to the table for support also.

    Gas Gas, good bikes?

    I haven't rode a lot in the faster wide open desert too much yet. But as far as tight and Rocky, YES!! I came off of a kx 450 and it was such a natural fit for me. My only complaints have been the jetting at any altitude is off off idle, but a needle change will fix that. Mine is pretty much bone stock still. I plan on going with a gnarly pipe and a RK tech head before next race season. I'm also playing with a barrowed lectron carb and it is awesome.

    Gas Gas, good bikes?

    I have had KTM and jap bikes. This is by far and away the best bike I have ever owned. Suspension is superb right out of the box. Suspension is what sold me on my 18 xc.

    2018 + 2019 EC 250/300 Reviews---anybody?

    Do it you won't regret it. I have an 18 xc and love it. Out of the box hands down best bike I have ever owned. Only complaints are the twin wall bars are too stiff and runs fat off idle. Do a little more research and you'll find more info on that. Simple fix.

    Review 2018 GAS GAS EC300GP

    Did RK Techs head up the compression at all?? I ride at elevation here and a little bump would be nice.

    Trade KTM 2017 250 xc for 2018 xc300?

    I came off of a 15 kx 450 I used to race A in harescrambles and I can honestly say it's the best bike I have ever rode. I owned a 08 KTM 300 and have rode the 18 KTM 300. The KTM with the counter balance engine for sure has less vibration but not enough to make me trade the gas gas power delivery for. And coming from air forks to kyb spring it's like heaven on Earth better!!

    Gas Gas Ec 300 forks

    No. I think they are more like the kx450's in 2012. But just as good!

    Review 2018 GAS GAS EC300GP

    Well good to know then I guess I better go through mine. Linkage bearing play should never be an issue especially if you put new bearings in the swing arm. This is telling me that the material might be to soft.

    Review 2018 GAS GAS EC300GP

    Did you not go through and grease all the bearing before you rode it? I had some jetting issues as well really had to lean out pilot and needle. Also did the cut in the slide. Im at 5-8000 feet though. 15 hard hours and still running stock stuff. 300xc.

    2018 EC 300 ride review

    Ha ha true 40 A racer hare scramble and desert.

    2018 EC 300 ride review

    Anybody have any input for fuel milage at race pace. I'm thinking I'm getting about 40 to a tank but that would be a stretch. That was with the 42 pilot 168 main jd needle 2nd position at 5500'. I too believe it was running fat on the bottom still so I have since switched to a 40 pilot and still need to check the float hieght.

    2018 Graphics and numbers

    I contacted Cormoto and they said they have them they are just not up on thier website yet. I have never used them. I have had Dcor sponsorship the last 3 years and unfortunately they don't sound interested in the gasser.

    2018 Graphics and numbers

    Anyone know who is making graphics and numbers for the 18 300xc's Not having much luck out there.