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  1. WildBillHickok

    12oClockLabs SpeedoDRD Calibrator

    Having trouble getting the right setting based on GPS speed and Speedometer display speed. The sprocket and tire size equation seems to be the way to go.
  2. WildBillHickok

    FMF Racing Megabomb Header

    Just installed this yesterday, have not had a chance to ride
  3. WildBillHickok

    FMF Racing Q4 Hex Slip On Exhaust

    Installed this yesterday, have not had a chance to ride it yet.
  4. 14 reviews

    The FMF Q has always been in a league of its’ own and our latest Q4 HEX is the most significant upgrade to date. You don’t need to settle for a plugged up moto muffler hampered by an insert when you can have a compliant muffler engineered for performance. -Less sound equals more ground -Meets USFS and FIM World Enduro sound regulations -Power gains throughout the entire rpm range -Spark arrestor included -Pounds lighter than stock -Rugged design for off-road endurance -Only US manufacturer to offer dedicated quiet exhaust systems -MADE IN THE USA -Can be used with FMF or Stock OEM Header
  5. WildBillHickok

    JT Sprockets Steel Front Sprocket

    Looking forward to this mod. Installed it yesterday, but have not had a chance to ride.
  6. WildBillHickok

    Renthal Rear Sprocket

    Just installed, have not ridden yet.
  7. WildBillHickok

    Dobeck Performance EJK Fuel Injection Controller

    Installed this in preparation of a new exhaust. Took it out before the new exhaust was installed and noticed a little bit more pick up.
  8. I bought an FMF exhaust with the Megabomb from soloracer.com (there on sale right now). I was curious also about the seal between the slip on and header so I called them and asked (Owner called me back within 20 minutes of leaving a message ). They said they didn't use anything between the slip on and header, and he was also pretty sure he reused the gasket where the header attaches to the engine.
  9. WildBillHickok

    Moose Racing Pro Skid Plate

    Easy to install, and once I realized the stock skid plate was thin cheap feeling plastic, I'm very happy I installed this to protect my bike.
  10. WildBillHickok

    Flatland Racing Radiator Guard

    I like the protection that the guard provides. At first I had trouble getting the bottom screw onto the plastic cover that goes over the radiator, but I found that the radiator itself has a little bit of movement so you can get everything back together.
  11. 10 reviews

    This is the ultimate in radiator guards! It will protect your fragile radiator from nasty front & side impacts. This ultra tough guard is constructed from 1/8" aluminum and is easy to install. All our radiator guards have rear mounting brackets for that extra support! All Mounting hardware is included.
  12. WildBillHickok

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Man am I having fun on this thing. I wasn't sure what to expect with the stock bike, but having no dirt bike experience, this things is plenty of bike to start off, and lots of fun, and goes everywhere, even with my 250lb bag of fat on it. Got stuck in a hole today, which i was sort of responsible for making (tire spinning). Got a good work out getting it free. Had to push it over to get the wheel to lose the suction that was keeping it down. So glad I got this and not a street bike. Anyone want to spill the beans on how you get the pics to come out full size?
  13. WildBillHickok

    Honda survey

    Survey Submitted
  14. WildBillHickok

    CRF 250L Images Only Thread™

    I like the text on the helmet. And I only just now noticed the stickers? on the headlight and hand guards. NICE!
  15. WildBillHickok

    Show us where your CRF lives

    Yard Sale! Craigslist is your friend