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  1. that's what the scale said. It could be wrong. If I ever take it back I'll snap a pic
  2. dry weight is 185.1 frame and conversion was 5
  3. Well you guys. She's done. Here's some pictures!
  4. tires and wheels then she's done!!
  5. little by little. Hoping to finish it up by Wednesday!
  6. a few to bolts and anodized red banjo bolts!
  7. I'll get you guys his contact info
  8. yea it's going to be changed with a full Carbon Scalvini. But I wanted to have the dual exhausts just to test and see how they where.
  9. Here are some more pics of the build. Should have it by next Monday!
  10. Just got some new stuff on! Blue anodized plastic bolt kit Cycra power flow red plastic kit And my graphics!
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