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  1. Will the RENTHAL 827'S fit on the 2011 450's ? I thought they would but the Renthal site does not show them as an option for the 2011's. The only thing I can think of is that the control cables may be to short for the taller bars. Thanks, ripntear
  2. ripntear

    rad braces for my 11 450 sxf's

    I bought a pair of the KTM Factory braces #77235936000 from them. The fit is perfect and they seem to be very well built. However, they were on back order for right at 2 months.
  3. ripntear

    The MXA 450 2011 shootout is out.....

    Maybe so, but how many hopped up factory 450's was he up against? The fact is, is the NEW KTM 350 wasn't rated too far below your Yamaha 450 that has had years of development behind it. It has already proven to be one hell of a bike and those that deny that are living in lala land. KTM has risen to the top!
  4. ripntear

    service manual for my 11 450sxf

    I've been looking too and can't find anything.
  5. ripntear

    Spokes don't stop coming loose

    Is there any way to identify these rims either visually or by bike production date/vin#?
  6. ripntear

    ktm jd blue needle

    Are you guys pulling the sub frame everytime to re-jet? Seems so tight in there you would have to.
  7. Will the 2011 450SX-F benefit from installing one?
  8. ripntear

    2011 450SX-F Clutch

    Thanks everyone! I bled the line and it is much better. Still creeps a tiny bit, but hopefully that will go away after I back bleed it. It will start in gear now!
  9. ripntear

    2011 450SX-F Clutch

    OK, but what's happening?
  10. I bought a new '11 450SX-F a few weeks back and rode it yesterday for the first time, up the street and back. The problem i'm having is when I put it in gear it dies. The Clutch is grabbing with the handle pulled all the way in. When I can get it to stay running, it creeps forward with the handle pulled in. This is my first hydraulic clutch and it's my understanding there is no external adjustment. What do I need to do to fix this? Thanks
  11. ripntear

    Went Orange Today!

    Thank you. I'm new to the KTM Forum so I haven't seen any of your previous posts. Last bike was an '01 YZ426F.
  12. ripntear

    Went Orange Today!

    I just bought a new '11 450SX-F. I can't wait to ride it. I'm trying to gather up details on the carb mods and any others that really make a difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. ripntear

    Flywheel removal tips

    I'm "almost" sure it is a left hand thread. That could be why he can't break it loose.