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  1. racerx573

    426 Shift Forks Bad?

    On my '01 426 motor, the bike does not shift into gear right away, it always has to be rocked back and forth, or move the shifter all the way up or down, and then back up/down to the gear I was trying to shift into. Are my forks bad, or is it something else? Shift drum? Actual gears? Don't have much experience with this motor.
  2. racerx573

    efi yamaha?

    The new quad engine is much different than the older one, that was very similar to the bike engine. The new quad motor has a wet sump style setup, and is for the most part redesigned. So I'd say next year a new EFI 450 bike will be in the works, and will be pretty sick. Hopefully they'll completely redesign their bikes like big red did with the new CRF's.
  3. racerx573

    426 overheating Badly

    I've got the whole head off right now still, I am gonna check all the timing and whatnot in reference to the YZ450 cam mod thread. I bought the engine used, so something could be out of line. What should I check for when checking the flywheel? Thanks for the info.
  4. racerx573

    426 overheating Badly

    Here's my scenario, I have the engine in a quad frame for MX. I have a 42 pilot 172 Main Needle is on the 3rd clip (stock needle) It's ported, K&N filter, 13:1 piston, 450 cam mod. Wet sump kit It has no response off the bottom end, but screams once it is wound it, but takes a while to get there. I just checked out all the jetting guides and printed them out to try some different combos. My plug is burning kind of a grayish brown, and my exhaust tip is a little white, so she was running lean. When I come off the track the coolant is down to the fins in the top of the rad, and she is blowing steam furiously. I installed a catch bottle, and a high pressure radiator cap. I figured since it was running like that I may have a leaky head gasket, so a new one is on the way, and there was a minute amount of drip from my weep hole, so I ordered a new mechanical seal. I am going to try all of this, and run the jetting I was running before. But if anyone else has any insight, I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. racerx573

    450 Carb on a 426??

    Besides having to change up the jetting, will a YZ450 carb work on a 426? It's from an '03 450, and I have an '01 426. Need to know ASAP. Thanks!!
  6. racerx573

    YZ-450 Wet Sump Kit

    I have a quad with the wet sump. I believe mine was from White Brothers... However... I am considering switching back.. and this is my issue.. I really do not want to tear my frame down, have mounts for an oil tank welded on, and then have to re-powdercoat... could I get away with using some sort of oil cooler as my tank.. to at least allow recirculation of the oil, and also a place for it to cool? I was going to mount it in front of my radiator... the reason I would like to switch back is I am getting a 465 stroker...
  7. If anyone has a Lectron carb, I was curious as to what size metering rod & power jet you are running. Mine is an '01 426 w/ ported head, exhaust, & YZ450 cam mod. Carb is a 40mm. Also in need of a 426 kickstart assembly.. and was wondering if anyone had this GYT-R system for sale.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.ebay.com%3A80%2Fsearch%2Fsearch.dll%3Fquery%3D4610718308%2509%26MfcISAPICommand%3DGetResult%26ht%3D1%26ebaytag1%3Debayreg%26srchdesc%3Dn%26maxRecordsReturned%3D300%26maxRecordsPerPage%3D50%26SortProperty%3DMetaEndSort%26fvi%3D1&item=4610718308
  8. Was looking at going with a bigger displacement in my '01 426.. (quad chassis) I have heard of issues with pistons cracking in the 440 & 444's. Anyone have any experience with this? Was also looking into possibly using a YZ450 cylinder if it will bolt on, or maybe stroking it. (if a YZ450 crank would fit??).. or maybe even a YFZ450 ATV crank/cylinder..if that would also fit.. I was checking out the ice cube cylinders, and see they don't make one of their own for the 426, but they have some nasty kits for the 450's..
  9. racerx573

    WR tranny in YZ? - revisited

    Would the '01 be the same as the '02 swap? I have a YZ426 based quad, and was thinking the WR may be a little beefier, and the ratios may be a little better in an ATV chassis.. any tips will be appreciated.
  10. Does anyone know some good forums I can go to that deal mainly with 90's dirt bikes? I have a ton of older graphic kits, fenders, and a ton of other miscellaneous parts that I need help getting rid of. I have a ton of parts that need to be sold!
  11. racerx573

    Not catching in gear?

    I just finished building my YZ426 hybrid quad.. Before I had a chain on it, I could shift through all the gears, and the sprocket would not spin (like it is supposed to).. I put a chain on it, and now it does not catch in any gear, and the bike rolls freely even when in gear. I am not very familiar with the YZF engine yet, any points in the right direction will be appreciated. Thanks. -Jason
  12. racerx573

    Oil For Wet Sump

    I went with the wet sump to save space on the quad chassis. The oil tank would have been a squeeze for space with all the lines, and finding a place to mount the tank.. Too late to go back, unless I wann get mounts welded on, and then have to re-powdercoat. I planned on changing the oil every race. I got a good deal on their oil, so I should be set for changing it as often as I need. Around here the weather gets to about 85 on the warmest days. The only times I'd be above 90 would be if I went to an out of state national like Loretta's. I ordered their 20-50. The quad itself is pretty light.. it rings in at about 350 wet. I also have a high capacity radiator for it, and some inline coolers, so keeping it cool, should be pretty easy. Here is the baby herself.. Before stickers & graphics..
  13. racerx573

    Oil For Wet Sump

    I am sponsored by Bel-Ray this year.. do you think a thicker oil would be better for the wet sump? I am running this engine in a quad chassis.. It is an '01 426. I don't know if I should go with the 10-40 or the 20-50. It is their Thumper 4-Stroke Race Oil
  14. Does anyone have a jetting chart for a Lectron carb on a YZ.. Something like this one.. http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/tech/files/426jetting.xls
  15. Anyone have any comparisons between the Hinson plates & the OEM's?? Talking for a 426.