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    remove the right side (kicker side) crankcase cover and inspect the gears and bearing at the crank, and the countershaft bearing for any abnormal (up down side-side) movement. since youre already there too, check the clutch for wear or play. what does the trans oil look like when it came out???
  2. thor_386

    PowerNow system

    I am kinda skeptical of this whole power now thing. In the jetting forum, eddie says that it really messes with the mixture and you have to rejet accordingly. also, i dont think it will make the famous "06 bog" any better. If you wanna modify your fuel system, do the AP mod for free and get a longer fuel screw.
  3. thor_386

    AP mod rivet

    I only did the first half of the AP mod to my 05R and noticed a difference
  4. thor_386

    Tips on how to ride a wheelie...

    i was practicing wheeling at a friends farm last summer and he called it humpin' the wind cuz i was too agressive with the throttle and rear brake. after you get comfortable at the balancing point, you dont really need to keep using the brake as much. The big thing that i see when people try to wheelie, is their butts are too far forward. Unless your on a 450 then you can have your nuts against the tank and still do a power wheelie
  5. thor_386

    How to get bike brand new looking?

    use a green scotch brite on metal with simple green on everything, let it soak a few, pressure wash off
  6. thor_386

    Need Help!!

    the stock 07 cams are better than the hotcams for the 04-05
  7. thor_386

    Squeaky Rear Suspension - CRF 250R

    grease the shock linkage and the swingarm pivots
  8. thor_386

    New 07 in Crate

    Put a 45 pilot in it and adjust your fuel screw, get a zip ty or other similar design, one of the best mainenance mods there is
  9. thor_386

    04 CRF250R Fork Seals

    theyre probly talking about that little stopper thing. use a vise-grips with a rag so you dont scratch the shaft thing in there that holds the valve
  10. thor_386

    Feets/Throttle Jockey

    Dude hit it right on the head there
  11. thor_386

    broken bolt!

    get a reversed drill bit and carefully drill it out
  12. thor_386

    break in

    engines do not come broke in from the factory.
  13. thor_386

    Need Help with DID 520VM

    I prefer the clip master link too. Easier to put on and take off for maintenance and ive never thrown a chain before.
  14. thor_386

    Oil and WATER in pink tube!!! WTF !!!

    So the whole purpose is to seal that airbox and keep oil out when it tips over? But wouldnt you still need a vent to the valve cover. I probly sound like a retard but i really dont know
  15. thor_386

    Oil and WATER in pink tube!!! WTF !!!

    Isnt that drainage system also serve as a engine case breather (my SB Chevy knowlege kickin in)? and if thats the case, by just running a tube off the valve cover without a filter, arent you allowing dust and contaminants into the engine? My thought, it was designed that way to breath (equalize pressure) through the airbox and get rid of all the contaminants through the pink poop shoot.