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  1. azz85

    Bad news for a proud RMZ450 owner

    Bad luck, same thing happened to my sons practice bike (04 RMZ250)after about a full year of riding. Living in a small town with only 12 active members you get to see all the problems that they all have and I believe that the Suzuki & yamaha would be the most reliable.I've had no problems with his race bike (05 RMZ250). Changing over to the 06 RMZ450 as soon as they arrive in Oz.
  2. azz85

    New 04 w/ tranny trouble

    Mate I"m doing a rebuild on my son's rmz,The bigend bearing collapsed. But the problem I found was a crack in the casing running from the primary gear bearing, We had no problems with the gear shifting and all the gears are in prime condition. I'd say get the engine split, the dealer will help you out it's there business their looking after. The only indication of the big end going was piston slap, one to keep an ear to. other than that the bike is awesome my son like it that much he brought an 05 model. which he races on and practices with the 04 rmz.
  3. azz85

    jetting help please

    my Son rides RMZ great bike,the bike is stock except a Boyseen water pump(now in Aust) which I recieved yesterday , all i've replaced is the clutch and the rings,only because it blew a head gasket.I run Mobil premium with Motorex valve guard added and have so far have had no problems. He races in central Queensland and practises two to three times a week.i know of another rider using avgas and he to has had no problems what jet settings i'm not sure i'll find out this weekend but i don't think it's worth the hassle.