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    License plate found near Elkins Flat

    I found a suitcase of $100 bills. Just verify the serial numbers, and they're yours.

    License plate found near Elkins Flat

    That's the one. I'm in Manteca if you ever get down this way. Otherwise I can mail it next Thursday (my next day off). Or if you need it sooner I can ask my wife to mail it to you tomorrow. If possible, call me at work between 9pm and 7am sometime and let me know what you prefer. Scott (209)239-8381

    License plate found near Elkins Flat

    Great, thanks Bob! I work nights, so won't get back on the computer until tonight. Or he can call me at work between 9pm and 7am any of the next seven nights. (209)239-8381
  4. We just got back from a week near Elkins Flat, and one of our guys found a motorcycle plate on Memorial Day (Monday). If you can verify the plate number I'll get it back to you.

    video from white pines last saturday 3-19-16

    That looks awesome! Last time I was there was Fathers Day last year with Ryan. It was so dry and dusty we rode for maybe an hour and went home. Hit me up next time you're down this way (if you don't mind riding with old slow guys). How are you liking the new bike?

    Anyone take a large RV to Georgetown?

    Thanks MossyOak - that pretty much sums up my opinion as well. I've visualized pulling it in and parking, and think it can be done. But since I've never seen a large trailer there I didn't want to be the first one to try (especially if I'm wrong). I'll take a look at Bald Mountain next time I'm there.
  7. I've tent camped at Mace Mill but would like to take the family there with our 40 foot toyhauler. Has anyone done this? I'm just not sure if there is a large, level area to park or enough room to turn around if necessary. Any first-hand information is appreciated.

    Desert Fox Reviews Please


    Desert Fox Reviews Please

    I haven't owned a 2006-2010, but I have bought two new Desert Fox toyhaulers. The first was a 2003 28K, and I had zero issues with it. I had done extensive research and decided Northwood products were the best trailers for the money. It was a much better quality unit than my previous trailer - a 2001 Aljo. When I decided I wanted a fifth wheel, I didn't even consider another brand. I bought a 2005 38-5U, which I still use all the time. I camp in temps down to 10 degrees routinely and have dragged it places that I really shouldn't have, but it has held up great. I had a few issues that my local (incompetent) dealer couldn't fix after three years of trying, so I finally called Northwood to see what my options were. They offered to fix everything at the factory (for free) if I was willing to drive it up there. I left it with them, and they delivered it back to California for me as good as new. Every time I've called the factory for parts or technical questions they've been really good to deal with. The only potential drawback is that they are pretty heavy. If you're not towing with a diesel or a big block you might not be happy with the larger units. I know someone with a 21-SW that he pulls with a half ton Chevy with no problem.

    Requesting Carnegie SVRA info confirmation

    Your bike should be fine during those months with the permit you mentioned and a spark arrestor. I've been told that bikes with non-resident permits can ride all year, but I can't confirm that. Normally that bike would be restricted in summer months if registered in California. Overnight camping is allowed, but no electricity. No cabins - just a big gravel area with covered picnic tables and fire rings. They do have pretty nice bathrooms and showers now, and I believe water is available (not sure if it's drinkable). The store is open every day and has a pretty fair selection of parts, gear, etc. Tracy is about 15 minutes away and is the closest city. No idea about hotels. $10 per night camping includes riding. $5 per day to park and ride if you end up in a hotel. I've camped there in my RV as well as a pickup bed. You can expect very strong winds at night but in a van you should be fine. You can call them at (925)447-9027 for more info. It may be none of my business, but I would NOT drive from Nevada to camp and ride at Carnegie. I only ride there because it is 30 minutes from home. Nevada is a much better place to ride this time of year IMO.

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    "and yes it twooooooo" Bill - when you typed this, was Madeline Kahn's voice in your head? I'd love to be invited the next time you guys ride up that way. I've been trying to meet and ride with Sean for a while, but my schedule won't cooperate.

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Rider41 - code sent via PM

    Sunday, July 5th, 9:00 am, China Wall

    Damn you Scott, I have to work Sunday. I rode up there a few years back on a Labor Day with you guys. I think it was you, Rock Monster, Cliff Diver, and maybe FlyLikeABandit. It was a great day until a rock went through my clutch cover. Have fun and please report conditions - I may go up Monday or Tuesday.
  14. I wish! That must be RAYDOC. I'm more of a used-to-be B rider now old C-rider. My dad rode a few Cowbells, but I'm not the organized, competitive type. I'm slower than dyrtmon, crash less than Slyko, and can drink more than either of them. If I wasn't working this weekend I would have been there - sounds like a great time. I thought I knew all the dirtbike-rding pharmacists in NorCal, but maybe not - definitely no A riders.
  15. "Scott did not show so Bill pulled the roll as last minute wrench" Scott, you have some splaining to do?