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    Waterfowl hunting is my passion, but off season puts me on the 450x ripping it up.
  1. QwackAddict33

    X pics

    Recently finished my X.
  2. QwackAddict33

    450X Graphic Kits

  3. QwackAddict33

    450X Graphic Kits

    Factory Effex, great guys and got everything how I ordered. Their website has a layout that you can build with different fonts logo's etc. very handy. Brendon
  4. QwackAddict33

    450X Graphic Kits

    I'm very happy with the quality of it, It's thick and sticks very well when applied. Also a 450r seat cover will fit an X seat if you want to get the black cover to finish the kit. I just did this and it really made the bike look finished.
  5. QwackAddict33

    450r seat cover on 450x seat?

    Will a 05-08 crf450R seat cover fit on an 2007 crf450X? Couldn't find any info anywhere else. Thanks!
  6. QwackAddict33

    450X Graphic Kits

    DMC707, Thanks Ill be sure to pass the compliments on to my dad! His shop, his layout. I'm hoping it doesn't turn out to pretty or my bike might be moved to the barn lol
  7. QwackAddict33

    450X Graphic Kits

    Yes so do I, it was the cheapest mod for the bike
  8. QwackAddict33

    Honda CRF450X (2007)


    Very impressed with the layout of the 450x. It is awesome for trail riding as well as pushing it on the track.
  9. QwackAddict33

    Honda CRF450X 2007

    Very impressed with the layout of the 450x. It is awesome for trail riding as well as pushing it on the track.
  10. QwackAddict33

    450X Graphic Kits

    Hey Owen, I'm from Canada also (Ontario) and had the same problem looking for graphics for my 07 450x. I really wanted the Geico graphics and actually found them on Ebay. Heres a pic of it. I have the numbers on there way right now with black background white numbers, aswell as the black seat cover and black wheels to finish it off. I'm happy with how it turned out. [/url]">http://http://s1079.photobucket.com/user/QwackAddict33/media/DSC_0211_zpsd7a9557b.jpg.html'>
  11. QwackAddict33

    SDG complete seat for a 2007?

    That's a good looking seat! And it looks alot more comfortable for sure. Thanks for the pics I'm going to check them out.
  12. QwackAddict33

    SDG complete seat for a 2007?

    Hey 5kcstq, If you wouldn't mind posting a pic that'd be great. Where did you order it from also?
  13. QwackAddict33

    Dumb question...checking oil

    Falcon, I have the factory black dipstick in my X now. I was just looking to "bling" it out a little bit lol. I like adding little pieces to the bike once the graphics kit etc. is all put on. To me it seems to Finish off the look. Thanks for the help!