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  1. Thanks man, easily knocked 10-15 minutes off my oil change.
  2. This is the port right below "670cm"? Can anyone else verify this? Everyone has been telling me to add a whole quart for street use BTW.
  3. I just got a street legal 03 CRF450R supermoto, and the header on my bike has to be removed for me to change the transmission oil. It's got a white bros exhaust. Is this normal? Any way to get around it? I'll post a pic.
  4. How hard is it to tag one of these, specifically in NC? What do you guys think of these things? Thanks for any input.
  5. I got my 2000 EXC400 motard, and it could really use a speedo/tach. Another thing that would help a lot is a comfortable seat (or more comfortable than it is now). Any suggestions?
  6. BTW I used to use engine ice in this 80cc 2 stroke scooter I built. It was the only coolant that I tried that stopped it from over heating.
  7. Where might I find that online...no KTM shops around here.
  8. Akilldema

    Just got a 400EXC motard..

    Here's a pic
  9. I just bought a 2000 400EXC, 17 in hardparts rims, full suspension, brembos, etc. Are there any concerns I should have about this bike? I am picking it up Tues. I know the previous owner meticulously maintained it.