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  1. MXJunky has an '01 YZ250 on which he's recently had the stock forks and shock revalved and resprung. MXJ also has a '15 WR450 with stock suspension. The difference between the suspension on these two bikes is absolutely huge, the WR suspension is vastly superior.
  2. MXJunky


    Do the radiators have large talons?
  3. MXJunky isn't quite sure that's street legal...
  4. MXJunky's dubsack in an undisclosed locale.
  5. MXJunky

    2012 WR450 Large Capacity Fuel Tank

    +1 for the 3gal IMS tank. The fit and finish is very good, MXJunky had zero problems installing it to his '15 WR450. It was actually easier than installation of the IMS on his YZ250 smoker.
  6. MXJunky

    What oil do you guys recommend during break in?

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  7. It's the man, not the machine. -Chuck Yeager
  8. MXJunky


    After "karate chopping" his wrap around handguards a couple of times during minor get-offs, MXJunky has since discontinued using them in favor of the plastic, non-wrapping handguard type.
  9. MXJunky

    Why was Reed in 16th place anyway??????

    The Racer X Sign of the Lap Times shows that Reed actually slowed down for the three laps that he was in front of Dungey.
  10. MXJunky

    Drain the carb for short term storage?

    On his YZ250, MXJunky drains the carb if the bike is gonna sit for three or more weeks. MXJunky just opened up the carb after two years of this process and everything inside is nice and clean.
  11. MXJunky


    Yep, move to the Dakotas if you can't dual sport your MXer locally!
  12. MXJunky

    You can't fix stupid.....

    lol out loud
  13. MXJunky

    Wr gearbox rebuild

    RonAyers.com has a great michrofiche resource (MXJunky preferred that site to motosport.com for ease of use). MXJ rebuild the transmission on his YZ250 a few years ago.