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  1. motoxracer595

    YZ450F build

    how was putting the Dr. D Relocation kit in? When you get to test ride it let us know if its worth doing the mod.
  2. motoxracer595

    Cummins 4bt in small pick up

    hope i can afford one when they come out!!!
  3. motoxracer595

    Ormond Farms Hare Scrambles 10-9-11

    Anyone know who was taking pictures of the race and if there is a website?
  4. motoxracer595

    2010 Problem (cam cover leak)

    I'm in the middle of putting the new designed gasket on now. Should the super glue trick be done to hold it in place use silicone? I too cut the bridge on the gasket hope i didnt F it up:banghead:
  5. motoxracer595

    2010 - cycra shrouds

    www.impulsegraphx.com/ makes them
  6. motoxracer595

    2010 - cycra shrouds

    Does it make the bike feel slimmer?
  7. motoxracer595

    2010 Problem (cam cover leak)

    Same around 30 hours started noticing oil spitting from the hole on the right side of the cylinder. Does anyone have the part number for the gasket?
  8. motoxracer595

    Budds Creek Gates Open for Camping?

    I've been trying to find out what time the gates are open until with no luck so far. heading down after work friday.. so wont get there till around 9-10. Was planning on tenting it but was told camping for RVs only??
  9. motoxracer595

    Trailer or van wrap?

  10. good to see people still riding there.. maybe ill see you out there soon
  11. motoxracer595

    2011 seized shock ring

    I have the same problem on my 10. Trying to adjust my sag i just cant get the shock to spin freely. Had the bike for a year so I doubt Yamaha will do anything. The top ring is all dented up from having to hit it around to spin the shock.
  12. motoxracer595

    How are people editing their gopro footage?

    i use imovie with a mac. so easy
  13. motoxracer595

    Blue Diamond?

    Whos going for the 1st round of the ultimate series tomorrow? Going to be freeezing but ill be there.
  14. motoxracer595

    Blackwood Motocross & Enduro club south jersey

    Cannot ride there cops are all over it now
  15. motoxracer595

    JLAW Back...

    That jump is on the intermediate track. Thats why you see the quads. Its 2 tables no intentions of having anyone double them haha. Hes too damn good to waste the talent. Hope to see him outdoors on the right track this year.