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  1. _chris_

    Overheating 450RR

    Interesting. Why would it do it only when hot? As soon as the bike is cooled 10-20F it was fine.
  2. _chris_

    Overheating 450RR

    Good points. Thank you. Hmmm... Its been a while since I rode it and it happened. (Hot here in AZ). It bogged when I snapped the throttle and just had no power. It was like running out of gas so likely lean. I will adjust the fuel screw & find some time to take it for a rip and check the plug.
  3. _chris_

    Overheating 450RR

    Evans coolant is waterless, and boils around 350, so that means there is no pressure in the system, so there will never, ever be anything coming out the over flow. The temp readings I am getting are from the trail tech. When it overheats there is no power, it bogs. This bike is jetted with the JD Jet kit, and it does pop on decel.
  4. _chris_

    Overheating 450RR

    Also: I just pulled the rad cap, started it, and can confirm the coolant is moving/being pumped.
  5. _chris_

    Overheating 450RR

    When the engine gets above 260F (ish) it loses all power. It does it at low speed/single track and I can re-create the problem in the garage, sitting still. Chris
  6. _chris_

    Overheating 450RR

    The bike is a recent purchase. Since changing to Evans it is not pissing out, as there's no pressure in the system. However before Evans, yes. The prev owner indicated that it overheated and I also experienced this, pre and post Evans. Chris.
  7. _chris_

    Overheating 450RR

    Hey Guys, I have a 2010 450 RR that is overheating. I've changed the coolant over to Evans (it did it before that too). The bike has the auxiliary fan (he added) and the previous owner told me that it has a high flow up water pump. I believe him as this was originally a dealer bike and it has lots of extra bling. The fan kicks in and works, I've heard it. I've bled any potential air out of the system a few times. The bike has plenty of coolant. I do have the larger desert tank on it, which wraps around the rads so there is less air flow vs the stock tank. It only has stock rad guards installed at the moment. I may have to give up and take it to the dealer but was hoping you all could give me a few more things to check before I do that. Thanks in advance, Chris.
  8. _chris_

    Cooling System Help 450RR

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me how to check the waterpump on my 2010 450 RR? I want/need to confirm that its working properly. Thanks, Chris.
  9. _chris_

    Checking Coolant Pump

    Hey All, Does anyone know how I can check to see if my coolant pump is working properly? I have a 2010 Beta 450 RR. I'm running Evans waterless coolant. It also has the Aux fan kit, which I'd like to move off thermostat to a manual control switch, or, somehow adjust so that it comes on earlier. Anyone have any resources about this? Thanks!! Chris.
  10. Hi All, I need a kickstand spring for my 2010 450 RR. I'm told by my local dealer that they're back ordered from Italy and it'll be a long time. Since these bikes had close roots to KTM, I'm wondering if anyone knows off the top of their head of other springs that would work? Thanks! Chris.
  11. Hi All, I'm a new to the bike, it's a 2010 450 RR. I'm looking to change to Evans waterless coolant. (Side note: I'm hoping it'll run a little cooler.) I'm not sure where the drain bolt is. Can anyone tell me where to find it? Thanks, Chris.
  12. _chris_

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Installed the JD carb rebuild and JD Jet kit in my 2010 450 RR. The bike wasn't a slouch in the first place but it really woke it up. Lots of snap. Can't wait to get it out for a real test this weekend. Chris.
  13. _chris_

    Strong Riding Communities in AZ

    PM'd you. Chris.
  14. _chris_

    Suzuki DR650SE (2006)


    Great bike.
  15. _chris_

    Suzuki DR650SE 2006

    Great bike.