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  1. Kamikazejr

    2001 RM250 UPGRADES

    Try out a flywheel weight on there for a while. I have an 05 and it's an animal even for my 230lb self 10oz-13oz weight defiitely calms the snap down with out really loosing power. Once your a lot more familiar/comfortable with you can take it off. Think steahly's kit is like $100-$120 but id recommend that for someone comin off a 65
  2. Kamikazejr

    1994 kx250

    Where do I find sea green/ neon green plastics for this 94 I'm restoring/rebuilding
  3. Kamikazejr

    94 kx250

    Where can I find sea green plastics for this 94 kx I'm rebuilding/restoring ? Anyone know
  4. Kamikazejr

    gas/oil ratios.

    yeah thats what i thought and as soon as i realized i started thinkin about top end rebuilds even at that i made out on it for what i gave him
  5. Kamikazejr

    gas/oil ratios.

    hmmm looks like a jet kit in my future
  6. Kamikazejr

    gas/oil ratios.

    or does it not matter at this point since its been soaked
  7. Kamikazejr

    gas/oil ratios.

    that being said wouldnt you wanna run it on the richer side of oil because the guy rode the bike for maybe 2 hours with out mixed gas. didnt know that till i met with him and i started it and it didnt smoke at all. guy was completely ignorant of all things mechanical
  8. Kamikazejr

    gas/oil ratios.

    just picked up another bike 2000 kx250 dude didnt mix the gas said he only owned it for a week so i poyred marine oil down the cyl and let it soak rotates good no grinding or resistence. queston is should i mix it rich for a while or mix it on pioint. its a woods bike not really racin and whats a good ratio. whats oil rich and whats oil lean thamks guys
  9. Kamikazejr

    Trail Riding Gear?

    dam.... dont smoke anymore but that used be in my "trail kit" haha
  10. Kamikazejr

    Trail Riding Gear?

    im south eastern pa like next door to jersey
  11. what color pawer band is in your bike? ..... ... .. . i told him it was a special plaid one i bouthgt off ebay
  12. Kamikazejr

    Trail Riding Gear?

    pint of fireball pack a reds set of quarter inche sockets and ratchet bottle of water wear helmet n ridin boots goggles gloves and dont forget the bike haha where ya from in pa?
  13. Kamikazejr

    How good are the rmz250's I am told they not very great

    do the waterpupm first thing and you wont have anyproblems. dont sit there n let it idle when its already hot {thats not god for any bike tho} i have an 04 rmz 250 its an awesome machine as fast as helll
  14. Kamikazejr

    motocross sayings

    "its not that bad once you hit it a few times"