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  1. depends on what kind of shape it is in, they are getting harder to find. If it's run's great and needs nothing it could be worth $3k or more... IMO...look at Yamaha banshee's they really hold their value because they don't make them any more... something you should research. can you post pic's of the bike and the quad???
  2. I'm not sure how shipping would affect you but I pretty much use what Gary said...I can add Boyesen I bought both engine cover half the price for a very light scratch under the brake pedal, and a light spot of powder coat. here's my 04..... I still need to upgrade to the newer front brake style, I have the lightspeed cr style fork guards... just waiting for a deal on a complete Honda front brake.
  3. guess I should try jetting my bike then? it run's good but i'm at 400ft with stock jetting.... would it make enough power to be worth it??? I did rejet my ATV but I also removed the air box lid, I could instantly tell a difference. But on my YZ the plug looks good, never fouls a plug or nothing... but I'm all for "MORE" power!
  4. wouldn't 16:1 make your bike run really lean? I have always thought about that but never asked. I been running klotz supertecniplate at 32:1 but thinking of switching to 2R 32:1 beings I only been trail riding. Klotz smells really good though... someone always ask about the smell. If I bought a brand new bike I would run what they recommend and I would ask someone at the dealer about the 16:1 part.
  5. I trail ride my YZ250, and it idles... have you tried adjusting the air screw?
  6. good point... just try the vice grips and hammer after riding the bike a while.... if possible.
  7. if vise grips and a hammer don't work, the problem is your ball's....J/k or am I?
  8. Im the guy that run's across field's wide open cow $hit and all... if I got a problem, I fix it... I try my best to keep my bike 100%, but I don't try to sale my bike.
  9. it don't look good to me... can someone explain the pitting at the top of the cylinder? looks like it needs a lot of work IMO. the pic's of the head aren't clear at all.
  10. I'm pretty happy with mine.... I can tell if it's almost empty by the sound.
  11. He said he's going to keep it for now but I'm pretty sure it's going to blow up again.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ7VIrJzkjk&t=112s "YZ250 2 stroke Piston Blew up in Sand dunes 2 pistons in one week" that's the title of this one.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHs21TCS4Zs&t=404s should of titled it "what not to do" or "THIS GUY".... I tried to help him out and give him advice and he's like oh well ill put it on craigslist....even tried to get him to join the forum or at least learn from it, gave him links. but he says he don't ever have a problem with his 4 stroke.. lol
  14. learn how to ride. to be a 2 stroke it already has very smooth power. IMO.
  15. I'm going to go with the old saying. "It'll buff out"
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