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  1. Rooster73

    Riding Scared…

    Bailing out mentally riding has gotten more people hurt than not having enough Talent..
  2. Rooster73

    Boano Beta 300RR Six Days Edition

    So pissed I didn’t serve. Would of been a great experience.
  3. Rooster73

    BYOB experience

    I think I will buy the protector. Damn thing is midevil looking!
  4. Rooster73

    BYOB experience

    I found the pipe name. Question due to the $200.00 price for that protector, would it be better to just replace the pipe once itsbeat up since pipes are the same price?
  5. Rooster73

    BYOB experience

    By the way. what pipe protector is that? Like to get one.
  6. Rooster73

    BYOB experience

    Thanks for the info. I rode with a guy that using that tire system in a 480 beta. Popped the bead a few times and went flat. i think it would be awesome to run that tire with a bead lock wheel If they make one.
  7. Rooster73

    BYOB experience

    So that back tire. I’ve seen those before. How well does that tread pattern do in mud, sandy dirt, rocks, and nasty hill climbs?
  8. Rooster73

    Riding in the NW: Watch out for that Cougar!

    Sweet! Thas looked like a small one.
  9. Rooster73

    300rr race edition or Standard 300

    I live in Caldwell. I bought from twin falls. But they only have a 2018 390 left. It was Like $8,300
  10. Rooster73

    300rr race edition or Standard 300

    Plus $150.00 freight I think then tax. $7,800 out the door cheapest I found. And a 2019 is $10,000 out the door. These guys bought a bunch of 300’s on a deal. They bought them cheap. From beta. This was the last one. I got lucky.
  11. Rooster73

    300 RR MAP switch

    My 300rr doesn't start easy in cold weather. Takes like seven pushes of the button to get it even try and start.
  12. Rooster73

    300rr race edition or Standard 300

    Lol! That red FJ needs to be beige.
  13. Rooster73

    300rr race edition or Standard 300

    This thing has a lot more power than the 06 yz250f ir might be a killer slow technical trail bike, but it’s still a 2 stroke in attitude. The the power valve is stock two turns in. And with the rain button on its fast. I think I have a vivid memory of the old days when the two stroke made me nervous. The last two stroke a ride was in about 1988. My brothers 1979 YZ400. Big balls. Big rumble and shaking. I’m just more confident on a four stroke. But I want to change that. I even think a 200rr would work for me. Except for the steep hill climbs. I was intending to buy a 480, but I was intrigued by the write ups about the way the 300rr handled the technical stuff.
  14. Rooster73

    300 RR MAP switch

    So I can map my 2018 300rr race edition? How will it change things? I know zero about mapping.
  15. Rooster73

    300 RR MAP switch

    How do you map switch a carburetor two stroke?