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  1. Chris669

    What do you do for a living?

    Im a underground miner (gold mine) Previously a cnc machinist back in ireland,also worked in brisbane for 6years making parts for the F35 joint fighter
  2. Chris669

    New suspension

    Every country will have a ohlins distributor Send some emails
  3. Chris669

    New suspension

    Add bns speed on facebook but as everything its not easy to buy Email bikerzbits and see if he can stock it
  4. Chris669

    New suspension

    Seen this on a thailand fb page,looks good but what is the bottle for?ive seen it on motocross bikes Seems expensive at 20,000 baht
  5. Chris669

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Can any of the thailand guys tell me if this is the way the new white ones come in terms of the crf stickers as its similar to the new red crf's
  6. Chris669

    Aftermarket/Stock Exhaust Info and Tech

    Haha the reason is its had 90klms use and is looking $150 for it. I like the look of it so it would be cheaper to do that than spend $700 on a new full system Not sure if im getting it now better things to buy than messing my header up too Thanks for info
  7. Chris669


    back on topic http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/R-G-KICKSTAND-SIDESTAND-SHOE-for-HONDA-CRF250L-M-2013-to-2014-/291112827396?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item43c7ad3a04 edit,i thought it was the whole kickstand,bit expensive for what it is
  8. Chris669

    Aftermarket/Stock Exhaust Info and Tech

    Are all headers and pipe interchangeable i have been offered a cheap yoshi slip on and i have a fmf full system
  9. Chris669

    My Aussie Adventures On The CRF250L

    Does your bike get damaged when you fall off too? Plastics,frame engine etc?
  10. Chris669

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Yes gnath i realized that too after i looked at photos of it on another bike,just havent had time to put it back on yet;)
  11. Chris669

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Getting there, still need to fit my 42 tooth sprocket;)
  12. Chris669

    Best Skid Plate

  13. Chris669

    Best Skid Plate

    Zeta bash plate just what i wanted,not bullet proof or thick but enough to protect and also look good