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  1. bandit12

    Electrical help, '96 Warrior?

    Replaced the starter and have had no more problems. Was going to try and clean and lube it but it turned out to be too far gone.
  2. bandit12

    Electrical help, '96 Warrior?

    Unless he wait 30 minutes or more it wouldn't turn over so he would have to push start it. He also told me that if he stalled it and would right then hit the start button it would turn over and start but if you waited a minute or so it wouldn't start. Removed the starter, took it apart and it was all black inside like burnt brushes in an electric motor and turning it by hand it has a gritty feel to it. It is going to get a good cleaning and lubed and given another try, then maybe replaced. Hopefully that will cure this problem.
  3. bandit12

    Electrical help, '96 Warrior?

    I metered the pickup coil and the stater by the specs that Ricky Stater give, they were OK. The battery read 12.6 static and 13.8 charging while running. I will clean his starter and check the bearings in it to see if that helps. It is pretty much a crap shoot right now.
  4. bandit12

    Yamaha Electrical help, '96 Warrior?

    My friend bought a '96 Warrior and its having issues that we are not sure of the problem. It will has a full charged battery and will start fine but after it has been ran an hour or more and is shut off or stalled it will not start unless it is bump started. It runs great and has plenty of power but if stalled or shut off when he goes to start it it will only turn over for 4-5 seconds then acts like the battery is dead, let it sit for 30 minutes or so and it will turn over and start like new. Where should we start looking for a problem with this thing, the battery seem to be fine.
  5. Hello folks, got a few questions for you. Does anyone here have a Mule? My step-dad bought a 2000 Kawasaki 2510 Mule 4x4 and was looking for some info until he can get an owners manual. Can anyone let me in on, what oil weight and how much to use, how much antifreeze will the system hold, and what spark plug and gap? I have been looking on the net for a couple hours now and finding info on these is like finding hen's teeth its nothing like a motorcycle that info is everywhere. Little help please....
  6. bandit12

    HECK YA the site is back!!!

    I am glad to have this version back, at least I can read the posts when I click on them. The new version ran slower on my puter and it took forever to get around the forums, I never could figure out why but now I don't need to. Thanks!
  7. bandit12

    Help me find a video please...

    Sorry for the ghost hunt, found my answer at SMJ. com.
  8. At one time there was a video of this and another guy playing on this bridge, I lost it to a computer crash and a friend would like to see it and I can't find it. Many thanks if someone can help finding it again. Hope this pic works.
  9. bandit12

    CUSTOM DR-Z DECAL printing companies?

    +1 on Synergy Sign they do good work, their daily driver looks totally bad azz.
  10. bandit12

    Help find a seat cover thread...

    If you cinch down the cover pretty tight like I did and I'm sure that Dragon Rider did I don't think it will move much if any at all. The straps at each end of the cover fit at the narrow spots of the seat and the one at the middle fit behind the bend of the seat, it stayed right where i put it with my fat a$$ on it and I did some hard acceleration and braking to see if it would move and it didn't. I didn't ride it as hard as a lot of you guys will but for general back roading it stayed put, I honestly thought it would slide side to side or roll over the edge and not so.
  11. bandit12

    New Riding Partner

    Congrats to you and the Mrs. There will be a lot of fun years ahead of you now, make the best of it and God bless you and yours.
  12. bandit12

    Help find a seat cover thread...

    Dragon Rider, thanks for the original idea on this cover. I have already bought one, installed it and took a short 26 mile jaunt to try it out and I think it makes a big difference. I took a 30 mile ride last week and couldn't wait to get home, the little ride I took today was all township and gravel roads, plenty rough, and I was quite satisfied with the cover when I got home. Just like yours it don't look too bad on there either, the ol' lady looked at it today and ask if I cut it to fit so it fits pretty good. I'll rate it a two thumbs up in the fit, comfort, availability and price departments.
  13. bandit12

    Help find a seat cover thread...

    Thanks guys that looks like the cover. I thought he mail ordered his so I bet he just ordered from their online service, I'm going to try one.
  14. Hey guys there was a thread on here a while back where a member put some kind of ATV seat cover on his DRZ. I can't find that thread and would like to know what kind it was and where he got it, it was a black foam rubber type I believe that he mail ordered. If anyone can help me find that thread I would appreciate it, I have gone thru posts from a year back with no luck.
  15. bandit12

    My Custom Vapor Dash Install! With UPDATED Pics!

    Yep, have to agree, looks good.