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  1. LSHD

    Rekluse Push Start?

    You would have to lay it on its side, open the clutch cover, and remove the free play.
  2. LSHD

    Rebuild before Sale

    In that case a rebuild receipt from a reputable shop would be an advantage if the bike is high hours. If I knew the owner or someone vouched that he was a good mechanic, I would probably also consider a rebuild a selling point. If 2 STROKE YZ DOC was selling anything he worked on I would buy it or vouch for it in a heartbeat. He absolutely knows his stuff and actually does things right...to the highest standards.
  3. LSHD

    Rebuild before Sale

    2 stroke? I would be happy to just see the compression numbers. Care less about throwing in the rebuild kit unless it is 100% OEM, but it wouldn't add much value to me. I don't trust "top end just rebuilt" one bit.
  4. LSHD

    Best part of Unadilla was the love on Team Yamaha

    Barcia taking out KR looks completely accidental to me. Bummer it happened, but just racing.
  5. LSHD

    question on dirtbike boots

    Hammerhead designs shift levers are great. I put +10 mm versions on both my bikes. They have two models. The less expensive versions are still very strong and only $35 (I have both versions, not worth almost twice the price ($63) I paid for the billet version to me). Single biggest change I made to improve ease of shifting. Essentially you can custom fit your foot, as they have different lengths and offsets. KX250F needs a lot heavier shifting than my good old effortless shifting YZ250. That's why I initially got the Hammerhead. Liked it so much bought one for the YZ as well. Stock KX250F shifter on left, Hammerhead billet on right Superimposed on top of stock shifter with PhotoShop for comparison
  6. LSHD

    I'm gunna LMAO

    A gentleman and an honest man. Thank you!
  7. LSHD

    question on dirtbike boots

    Pretty much happens to every single person when they get their first pair of real motocross boots. Just keep riding you will learn pretty fast.
  8. Small air horn might work, like the little 3" ones eith canned air sold at boating stores. Likely won't hear a whistle if he is riding.
  9. Many seals have small diameter round springs built into them.
  10. LSHD

    Kailub Russell to Race Pro Motocross

    I'll be surprised also if he does as well on a dry track as he did in the mud. It will be fun to watch and see. Seems like a super nice kid, and obviously the heart of a champion. He rides with some of the best in training, so he actually does no how he stacks up against Pro MX riders, just we don't know yet. We'll see.
  11. LSHD

    Kailub Russell to Race Pro Motocross

    Until Barcia took him out (not on purpose). Going over the bars in the same race didn't help either. But that first race, wow! Not exactly a proper test for MX speed, but to get a top 10 in his first MX Nationals race is incredible. Good for him.
  12. LSHD

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    The sign of a life well lived.
  13. LSHD

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Looks a whole lot like where I used to ride on the Moke (Mokelumne River).
  14. LSHD

    Items stolen in TSF

    My nephew has been looking for a truck. I recommended an SUV. At least he can lock everything up and carry the bike on a hitch rack.
  15. Not if you can afford it. What the hell does financial suicide even mean?