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  1. California

    Can't find the damn random GIFs thread. Hope you don't mind.
  2. Yep, same here with my 2005 YZ250. SSS valved for woods, FWW, and guards. Timing retarded a couple degrees. Mad awesome woods machine. My poor woods 4S sits in the trailer most of the time. I just about have to get hurt or sore to ride it (it has a Rekluse).
  3. No idea. Changed the jet; warmed it up good; adjusted it right on down low. But 1200 is really pretty good I think for a 2 stroke.
  4. I broke down today and installed my 40 power jet. Bike immediately idled better. In the past it would usually slow and then die, or run too fast. Now it purrs along way down in the low RPMs. Can't wait to ride it and see how she behaves.
  5. I like him a lot more this year than in past years. Admire his work ethic and maturity.
  6. Chalk is at 4500+ and is digging it:
  7. Wrapped on a shiny new M59 with the Rabaconda. That damn machine makes me want to find more tires to change, fun and easy as hell. The tire was $63 courtesy of Bridgestone's $40 rebate if you bought two. Replaced a Starcross MS3, which was a decent tire for my trails. Never ridden on one before. Trails are closed until next week due to massive flooding after the recent downpour, so I have to wait to try it out.
  8. If you can snag it for less than $2500 I would go for it. Super easy to work on. You could probably replace that base gasket in less than an hour your first time just following the manual.
  9. supercross

    Fitness doesn't help and can make it even worse.
  10. supercross

    I used to live in New Mexico as a teen and had no idea what altitude sickness was. Came back after many years of living at sea level and snowboarded Taos with my bro. Within an hour I was practically incapacitated and getting worse. Driving down the mountain I could literally feel myself feeling better with each 1000 feet drop. It can really affect athletes strongly, and Anderson is living at sea level like me. I am an athlete and had been surfing almost daily up to 3-4 hours. Fitness can't save you from altitude sickness. They do have meds. Numb my thumbs a bit but seem to work pretty good. But at only 4200 feet I don't think even I would be affected by altitude.
  11. It totally looks like the jug is leaking. And buying from someone who takes such little care of their bike that they won't even wash it before trying to sell it is a red flag. That said, that gasket isn't hard to replace. But you don't sound like you know these bikes very well, so would this dude let you take it to a shop to check it out? Probably not unless you are friends. Do you know anything about the bike? What is the price for this ride? There are some pretty good prices out there for used 2014s and up with few hours on them, and you sound like someone new enough to this game that it might be worth an extra $1000 to buy newer and nicer the first time around.
  12. Worse (and only major) injury in my decades of riding was torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus from a stuck throttle on my YZ250 in my driveway at work. Not even in the dirt! Changed jets and was doing an acceleration test Boots and helmet, but work boots, not MX. Leather stuck to the asphalt like glue and curled my knee under the bike! Dr. Mark fixed me up and I was back on the bike after 6 months. If just the ACL it would have been 90 days, but MCL needs longer to heal. I was still a little road-rashed up when it came time for surgery, but all healed fine.
  13. For trails that are extremely well defined (single loops of 5-20 miles that have no alternative routes) I'll post an entire POV video with Garmin metrics information. That way folks new to that trail can virtually ride it in advance, and I can re-ride it as well, which improves race times on the next ride, because your brain starts to learn what comes next. If I add music I still want to be able to hear the bike, and pause the music at some points to accent the bike sound. But I'm definitely no Federico Fellini, and that is about as creative as I get.
  14. Good (pure) acetone is an important part of every mechanic's toolbox, and it is virtually NON TOXIC on your skin and when breathed in low concentrations, unlike many of the other things that do a good job on removing sticky stuff.
  15. His AX LITES win is what has defined him and what they always talk about when they give the intro to the announcers. 9th in a Supercross year is nothing to scoff at, but it's not what he's known for. He only scored more than 20 points in a season of supercross in 2009. In any case, for some reason he's being a dick lately, and it has gotten worse each weekend, especially between him and Jim Holley, who never says a negative word to anyone. It's not fun to watch Daniel lately and I hope he figures it out and gets that smile and positive attitude back.