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  1. No. I run a 2005. It does have a new cylinder. And I do sometimes run the X-CDI, sort of a map switch in a backpack. I prefer the hit of the stock YZ250 CDI, but the X version seems to lug better, so good for snotty stuff. RB is totally willing and able to keep the nice lower compression of the X. In fact, I have a head I need to send to him to do that with.
  2. Mine only raced at cold start once, when I had the gas turned off. Every other time it idles really perfectly. After its hot I have to turn up the idle a little bit. Not sure why, unless it's heating up incoming air and forcing an overrich condition at idle with nowhere near enough air for the amount of fuel. NECJ#3 45 Pilot 170 main Elevation Sea Level Temps from 40 - 95 0.050" RB Squish, fine on pump gas even as low as 91 octane #8 slide Stock reeds
  3. Same to you. Not saying I wouldn't like an e-start, but would not trade my YZ suspension for eStart straight across. Never once overheated my KX250F. I have so much fun on the YZ in the woods my poor KXF sits lonely in the trailer much of the time. But if I've beat my body to death I'll ride the KXF because it is basically my easy button (Rekluse). And it's FC-revalved Showas are very nice. Both bikes start quite easily. With fuel injection and valves in spec modern 4S 250s start easily. Again, would not kick estart out of bed but would not make a big difference in my choice of bikes in the price range the OP outlined.
  4. Funny how "the team" gets better or worse depending on who their top riders are.
  5. Saddleback on April fool's day?
  6. This is just not true...for 55. My YZ250 is a 1-kick bike, hot or cold. Electric start would not figure very high in my choice. And it's an easy kick. Regarding purpose-built, all you need is purpose-valved suspension to have a very good woods bike. I ride both a YZ250 and KX250F in all kind of woods and have no issues riding with my buddies on their Beta or KTMs. They are not perfect, but they can be extremely good for woods and track. My KX was pretty good in the woods before I got it revalved. The YZ I did the shock myself and had FC do the forks. By far the finest suspension I have ever ridden, and it's excellent in the woods.
  7. No, from cold start to warm engine 20 minutes later. Conditions the sane, but the bike going from cold to hot (running temps, not overheated). Maybe just the nature of the design?
  8. Nobody needs a shop to rebuild a top end on a 2S, and I am not exaggerating. They are dead easy to do. Watch a couple "Top End Rebuild" videos on YouTube. You'll see what it mean. And it will cost about $200. 4T will cost you probably $1000 at a shop. I guess $350 for a 2T at a shop, but again, it is as simple as it gets and you can do it with the motor in the bike.
  9. SouthCarolina

    Wambaw North Intermediate Plus 3 Mile Loop Twice - Someone had shut the gate back to base so I couldn't find my way back, but then the hosts showed up (on bikes) and saved the day. YZ250 HOURS START: 19.5 YZ250 HOURS END: 20.2 START: 14:55 STOP: 57:10 TOTAL TIME = 42:15 Miles: 14.00 Ave. Speed: 19.7 mph Max Speed: 54.8 mph About 1 mph slower than the last couple times, but I was taking it pretty easy. And without Jacob429 there dragging me along just didn't push it. Great conditions. First time I've been on the north intermediate loop since September 2015! It's been closed a long time. Forgot how much fun that trail is.
  10. Here is a question; what would cause my YZ250 idle to drop the warmer it gets. If I screw in idle screw when it's hot, it will be way to high when I start it cold.
  11. Subbed
  12. True. NECK was pretty good in my bike too.
  13. Really close to what I run (same pipe). Happens on either standard or X CDI. Like you said, it's right there at a fraction off idle, not hard to ride with.
  14. Packing is when your rebound doesn't have time to recover after a series of deflections. Bike starts to sit and then gets really harsh and bounces you around. Cure is less rebound damping, even though it seems like you need more.
  15. Jake, we can set sag on Saturday in just a couple minutes. Also, if you are harsh on roots (square edges), you probably need to adjust low speed compression clickers softer (unless you are packing due to too much rebound).