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  1. I know I could get if if she just wiggled her boobs at me!
  2. To keep sand out of your underarms. It has to be damned cold for me to wear them, but when I do, that is the reason (warmth plus to keep sand out from under my armor).
  3. Why not run virtual races with yourself if you have to ride alone? Track your progress on the same trails and go for your best safe times. The endorphins from the workout are enough to keep me going every week if work doesn't stop me.
  4. Yikes! Nothing closer than 3 hours? Have you done a hard target search recently? Any friends with land? Damn that is a long trip just to ride. I ride alone 95% of the time and really enjoy it. My trails are between 50 min. and 1.5 hours each way. Really good ones are also 3 hours, but good enough gets me on the bike. Hope you can find someplace closer.
  5. Funny how different manufacturers had different recommendations. Regina recommend kerosene but stipulates that it must be blown off immediately after cleaning with compressed air. This seems to be a practical solution. Kerosene is easy to get. Long term it is not good for o'rings, but if you blow it off immediately, no harm. RK (Excel) prohibits kerosene (and even motor oil) and recommend a "mineral based O ring cleaner". From their website: "All motorcycle chain regardless of brand is a consumable product; which means that it will not last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. RK Chain suggests that chains need to be replaced every 20,000 miles and every 3,000 miles for non-sealed chains. You should also change both the front and rear sprocket whenever you replace the chain. RK Chain recommends cleaning a sealed chain with only a mineral based O ring safe chain cleaner. Do not use kerosene or motor oil because that can damage the seals. RK recommends that you douse a rag with the mineral based O ring cleaner and wipe the dirt off the chain. Do not use a wire brush or hard bristle brush to clean a sealed chain. The wire or hard bristles can damage the seals reducing the life of the chain. RK Chain recommends that after cleaning the chain and before lubrication, go for a short ride around the block to remove most of the chain cleaner and or water from the chain. RK recommends that you then follow up with a quality chain lubricant designed for sealed chains while the the chain is still warm." I've been using Dupont o'ring safe cleaner and wax lubricant for my o'ring chains.
  6. O-Ring chains are not lubed by the gear oil. You are just coating the outside to prevent rust. I believe it is DID that recommends a wash with lamp oil (a.k.a. paraffin, which is just highly purified kerosene) every 6 months or so, then a wipe down with a corrosion preventative.
  7. Started like this... But after a little pressure washing and brushing it ended up like this...
  8. Jebus Christmas, it's not rocket science. Staple on one end. Tighten and staple on the other end, leaving it an inch or so off the seat curve. Tighten during stapling the sides. Done. Glue? Nope.
  9. SouthCarolina

    Full South Loop today. 2nd best ever time of 45:35, which I am happy with since this was on my KX250F and not my usual YZ250. Conditions were not perfect but pretty damn good; the sand had had a few days to dry out and trail was freshly groomed. Did almost eat it at 45 mph on the first set of whoops due to differences in suspension response. I actually used three sensors to check this run, Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Camera, Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch, and Wahoo Fitness app on my Galaxy S7 with Wahoo Fitness HR monitor. I suspect the S7 might be the most accurate GPS, but will have to check in a known environment. Distance-wise the S7 recorded the longer distance over same terrain (18.5 miles vs 18 miles of the Garmin sensors). Forerunner Watch HRM isn't perfect (it can record low or high at times) but overall give a decent average. COMPARISON OF DATA FROM 3 SENSORS: FROM Galaxy S7 and Wahoo Fitness App and Chest HRM TOTAL: 45:35 DIST: 18.52 HR Avg: 158 HR Max: 178 Avg Spd: 24.23 mph Max Spd: 64.6 mph Whoops: 45.55 mph FROM GARMIN VIRB (also connected to Wahoo Fitness Chest HRM) TOTAL: 45:25 DIST: 18.00 HR Avg: 158 HR Max: 178 Avg Spd: 23.74 mph Max Spd: 75.6 mph Whoops: 48.53 mph FROM GARMIN Forerunner 35 Watch with built in HRM TOTAL: 45:26 DIST: 18.08 HR Avg: 154 HR Max: 175 Avg Spd: 23.43 mph Max Spd: 71.6 mph Whoops: 46.35 mph
  10. Wait, maybe I thought I rode 20 hours and changed my oil, but had only ridden 15 minutes. Somehow I am not sure...
  11. Geico was less than half of what you paid per bike and covers $3k in add ons. $50 deductible on total loss. A dog is great if you have one. Without that, a noisemaker is a big help and will chase off the casual thief. I've been using Xena disc alarm locks for the last 2 years. Work in all weather and batteries last for more than a year. XENA (XZZ6L-SS) Disc-Lock Alarm, Stainless Steel Link: http://a.co/5g4ZouU
  12. Ran it through HDMI from Laptop to TV. Looked excellent.
  13. Grow some skin and stay in the game, this thread, and this forum. There are always some diamonds in the many various replies.
  14. Pit Posse PP2551S Motorcycle Cycle Dirt Bike ATV Scissor Floor Jack Lift Center Stand With Wheels 2Yr. Warranty. Wheels DEFINITELY worth the slightly extra cost! http://a.co/42LAwqp
  15. He's about the same size as the GOAT was at his age, except the GOAT was an inch shorter.