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  1. SlowMoto, do you buy from this site or from Amazon? What size?
  2. You can shape it however you think will work best. Definitely spend a few dollars for a power stapler! You can get air or electric for fairly low cost.
  3. OHV trails closed in the national forests here in South Carolina since the shutdown. We're using state forests for riding and shooting.
  4. So far I wouldn't change it, unless there was a way to change the foam to be slightly more spongy but still strong. It's a bit rough on the legs and butt after a long ride if you have been off the bike a while, but that is because I don't stand a lot (bad knees). When I ride every week I literally stop noticing it completely. Also would not round the sides. Used to the shape now and like it. The squared edges make it a platform you can slide back and forth on as necessary without rolling off the edge of the seat. I see the benefits of the lower seat on many of the trails we ride, so to me it is just a trade off. I keep everything I love about the suspension and still get a lower bike.
  5. LSHD

    Power Jet #40

    Chalk, I don't ride in those conditions, but I would just refer to the jetting guide in the owners manual. Pretty straightforward regarding changing jetting and needle height vs altitude and temperature. If your base is great, then these changes should work regardless of what actual jetting and needle you are using. You just have to note how many jet sizes they change, not the actual jet sizing. I snagged a random YZ tuning chart off the net to show below as an example. Your manual will have the right one for you (which is probably this same one).
  6. LSHD

    2005 Yz250 value ?

    I made that photo. I would snatch it up. Even if you rebuild everything it's a good price.
  7. LSHD

    250x head

    My 2005 is a woods beast. I've tried the 250X CDI in the 2005 motor and my crate 2017 motor. I prefer the stock CDI, but with timing retarded 2 degrees. HUGE lugability and tons of overrev (i.e. super broad powerband). There are pipes that can shift your grunt lower. I like the stock pipe. RB did squish on my stock head. It's now 0.046", which makes jetting changes easier and the bike more tolerant (fewer jetting changes required). I can run 91 and even 90 ethanol free gas without pings. Bike just runs better, like a top.
  8. Not sure I could have saved it. I didn't chop the throttle, just gradually backed off as I was noticing what looked like a slightly darker sand whoop. Was in the full whoops position, so well off the seat and back a bit. Might try hitting it starting a 5 mph and work up, see how it feels.
  9. Bill, totally agree! And many thanks. One of the first things my nephew asked me was when was the last time I rode here. Wife said the same thing, "It's been months; didn't you check it out first?" I was just so used to blasting the whoops field I didn't even think about it. And I couldn't see the difference in the terrain because it was all gray sand and an overcast day. No shadows to contrast sharp vs smooth bumps. That will not happen again. Next time I'll do a sight lap first. Imagine if this had happened at 45 mph or more? Ug!
  10. Thanks Dan. It didn't help that I was in full "whoops mode", staying neutral while accelerating. I usually get to the end of that line of whoops at 45 mph+.
  11. Thanks! Definitely got lucky. Looking at the sky I remember thinking landing was going to hurt. Did knock the wind out of me pretty good, but thankfully a few bruises (left hand-severe, lower back (the bones on either side, right above my butt)-moderate, right ribs-mild) is the worst I got.
  12. Had a decent get-off on Monday at Manchester State Forest (near Santee, SC). Part of my warmup is to hit the long whoops field before heading to the trails. It warms up the bike and let's me decide whether to fine tune the suspension based on conditions. Last time I was here was August, but I didn't notice anything different about the whoops field as I headed up the side trail. It was a gray day, so the sand was all the same color. I didn't notice a large berm in the middle of the field, where guys were exiting the little track on the left and hitting a corner onto the whoops field (red line on photo). I saw the berm in time to slow from 35 to around 31 (per GPS) and hit it head on like it was just another whoop. It was steep and over two feet high, directly facing my path. This made it a pretty good kicker, and I ended up doing a front flip over the bars and landing about 30 feet in front of the bike. Thankfully I had on full armor and just got the wind knocked out of me, a bruise on my left wrist/hand, and some bruises on my lower back where my turtle-shell hard pads dug in a little. My nephew, who is a paramedic, checked me out and was surprised I wasn't more banged up (at 56 years old). My question is, could I have cleared this without crashing by using some sort of technique? Not sure I had time to seat bounce, but I think I could have leaned back before I hit it. It was almost like hitting a tall log at over 30 mph. Any suggestions are welcome.
  13. LSHD

    YZ250X more overrev

    +1 on checking timing. A little bit of retarding (minus 1-2 degrees) creates loads of overrev.
  14. LSHD

    2019 YZ250F Dirtiest airbox ever ?

    From what I see here, the stock filter holder doesn't work. There is leakage around the filter, not through the filter. Not having one of these bikes, this is only a guess from what I am reading. I would immediately find a solution that presses firmly on the filter on 360 degrees of the perimeter. If I then still saw very small dust going through, that would be the next problem to solve.
  15. LSHD

    Anaheim 1 Shocker

    I'll be shocked if someone shocks me. Will probably be as expected. Tomac will dominate if he can race and is not hurt. Roczen and Moose will be up there too. 250s will be the usual suspects as well. But...you never know. That's why it's fun to watch.