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  1. SureBlue

    Another AP mod question

    I think this is one of the better answers. Thumpher Maybe I have not been in the forum lately just because of questions like this.
  2. SureBlue

    04 RM250 owner's manual or service manual?

    Thank you very much!
  3. Hi fellow riders, can anyone help me where I can download these for my friend? Thanks in advance.
  4. SureBlue

    I toured the Yamaha assembly plant

    But you did not take pics like my friend did Of course it was not allowed but hey, japs do the same everywhere. Did you also see how they "broke in" the bikes? 2007 WR: 2007 R1:
  5. SureBlue

    Rough Running 07 YZ450F

    Remember that the color of your spark plug tells you nothing about jetting on 4-strokes that use unleaded gas. Your muffler will always be black. This is my plug and I'm running rich with 48 pilot and 170 main. White as snow.
  6. SureBlue

    WR con rod and oil squirt mod?

    Thanks for your reply. We have cam mod, full GYTR exhaust, optimized jetting/removed lid. It is wider (Lonestar) and has Öhlins shocks. I found the info about WR crank and the oil mod, we will look into them. Does anybody know if the stronger WR piston can be used without the WR crank to add a bit compression?
  7. My friend races a 2006 YFZ450 and we need to get more power to beat those hand built KTM quads with 525-540-580 cc engines on loose sand. I have read somewhere about using the WR connecting rod for more compression and an oil squirt mod to lubricate the rod and piston underside. Can anyone tell me more about these mods?
  8. SureBlue

    01 yz 250 help

    Go here http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/?r=0 select motorcycle enter yz250 press search and you can find 18 manuals. Download the right pdfile, it may not be printable though.
  9. SureBlue

    Satch's GMB V Pictures

    Thanks for the pics satch, looks like you had a nice time there. And the triple clearing looked nice, I could hear "oh my God" in the clip.
  10. SureBlue

    Well...Going back to 48

    Good call. Low 60's at sea level here too, and the bike is still firing up without choke after 3-5 blips. In fact I've had the 48 pilot and 170 main on all summer, but riding temps have been max 80. For winter riding at min. 15-20 Fahrenheit I will go 50 and 175 instead of last winter's 48-175.
  11. Handy as you are, getdrunk, I'm pretty sure it is a piece of cake for you.
  12. He's got the rad and tools ready in his hands and just waiting for a let go from us...
  13. SureBlue

    metal shavings in oil filter

    ... the hybrid quad he ran without oil?
  14. SureBlue

    Wheel lacing question ('06 450)

    It should be the same rim. Lacing tips: http://www.k-fab50s.com/rimlace.htm
  15. SureBlue

    YRRD Kit in WR?

    The kit is mainly for pro riders who don't pay for it themselves but available for anyone who wants to pay around 5.000 EUR for it and makes his reservation in good time from the limited batch. Contact your dealer to check if the latest batch is available.