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  1. Bluefreak


    5mph...??? What are you running on the rear, 100 tooth...???
  2. Bluefreak

    Clarke 3.9 Boiling Fuel

    Taken from an MSDS here at work: Material Safety Data Sheet Unleaded Petrol Infosafe No. AMPHO Issue Date May 2004 Status ISSUED by CALTEX Classified as hazardous according to criteria of NOHSC COMPANY DETAILS Company Name CALTEX AUSTRALIA LIMITED Address MLC BUILDING 19 - 29 Martin Place SYDNEY NSW 2000 Tel/Fax Tel: (02) 9250 5000 Fax: (02) 9250 5742 Other Information The most recent MSDS for this product can be obtained from the Caltex Australia website - 'www.caltex.com.au'. IDENTIFICATION Product Name Unleaded Petrol Proper Shipping Name MOTOR SPIRIT Other Names Name Product Code Petrol Gasoline UN Number 1203 DG Class 3 Packing Group II Hazchem Code 3[Y]E Poisons Schedule Not Scheduled Product Use Fuel. Physical Data Appearance Purple mobile liquid, with a characteristic odour. Boiling Point 30 - 205°C 30ºF -401ºF Vapour Pressure 80 kPa Specific Gravity 0.73 Flash Point -40°C (CC) 104ºF Flamm. Limit LEL None Allocated Explosion Data LEL: 1.4 % UEL: 7.6 % Other Properties Autoignition Temp. 370°C 698ºF Vapour Density 3.5 (cf Air = 1) pH Value Not Applicable Formula Mixture. Other Information Viscosity: < 1.4 cSt @ 40°C Solubility in water: Insoluble. Evaporative Rate: Not Available.
  3. Bluefreak

    CS seal replacement parts

    On that, my case has a lip the seal sits up against, perfectly flush - no way to push it in too far...
  4. Bluefreak

    DRZ Disc Bolt Size

    M6 x 14mm standard pitch countersink and don't forget a little blue loctite...
  5. Bluefreak

    Chain Length and Questions.

    If using a master link, always remember that with it on top of the swingarm the closed end should be pointing at the countershaft sprocket...
  6. My yoshi stainless header glows a bright cherry at night, stainless stock header on my old 250 also glowed brilliantly at night...
  7. Bluefreak

    Does anyone know what size these are?

    M8 x 30mm and M6 x 14mm, both countersunk head - standard countersunk pitch, I replaced mine with 8.8high tensile, they don't round out like the factory stuff... You'll need M8 nylock nuts or similar for the sprocket and 8mm flat washers to go between the nut and hub... Nylock:
  8. Bluefreak

    How to save some weight on clutch lever

    Unless you're an A class rider and competitive on the world stage, JUST RIDE THE BLOODY THING INSTEAD OF WASTING RIDING TIME TO SAVE HALF A GRAM...!!!
  9. And in classic Aussie tradition (of late), made in Asia - Thailand in this case...
  10. Does Mitsubishi offer anything similar there...??? The rest of the world seems to have them, albeit badged with different model names...
  11. Bluefreak

    Member Pics, Lets see what you look like.

    Bad taste party a couple of years ago... September last year...