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  1. wadzi90

    Oregon riding spots

    Is huckleberry and Santiam pass fairly flat? My wife is a beginner. I’m sure there’s gotta be laid back trails out there. I’ve never heard of 3 trails or Cline butte. Whereabouts would that be? That’s awesome I might hold you to that.
  2. wadzi90

    Oregon riding spots

    I’m relocating back to Eugene , OR. I’m looking for good spots to ride near by. I haven’t ridden any Oregon trails in about 16 years. I’ve read that huckleberry flats is cool and fairly close. I’d just be riding with my wife, not looking for real hardcore trails. Thanks for any info. Can’t wait to get back to the pnw.
  3. wadzi90

    Kdx220 questions

    I’m also looking at a Ktm 300 xcw. I’ll most likely end up with a 4 stroke. I really like the Ktm 450 xcw.
  4. wadzi90

    Kdx220 questions

    Awesome man, I’ll check it out. Thank you
  5. wadzi90

    Kdx220 questions

    Do you think the 250 has a higher top speed, even with the kdx being a 6 speed? I take it you’re talking about a two stroke 250?
  6. wadzi90

    Kdx220 questions

    As far as I know you can ride Mohave with a red sticker bike during red sticker season. That’s how it was 5 years ago at least. That’s my primary riding spot. I think the kdx is at the top of my list. I’m also liking the Ktm 300 xcw. I’m digging the two stroke enduros. Awesome man, what kind of riding do you usually do with it?
  7. wadzi90

    Kdx220 questions

    Yeah I’m back out in so cal now so I’ll mostly be riding in the desert. I’m just looking for a cruiser that’s easy enough to work on myself. I like that it has a 6 speed. Thanks
  8. wadzi90

    Kdx220 questions

    I’m coming off a back injury from a few years back and looking to ride again. Looking for something that’s mellow yet still has some snap. I’m heavily considering a 220. I like the idea of a two stroke enduro. My only concerns are that the bike might be low on power for my weight (225 pounds). Also it seems to be a lower sitting bike. Any opinions appreciated.
  9. wadzi90

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    That was sick
  10. wadzi90

    what should i buy? 230f or 250x?