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  1. I agree. I have expressed this opinion already in the initial consultation. Nothing binds the crf 250 model to the crf 230 model except the colors. I hope there is a different solution to this strangeness.
  2. Gianni crf player


    there is a cyclic resonance coming from the wheels ... with the peaks of the leap movements most important of the real vibrations
  3. Gianni crf player


    exact Chin Strap
  4. Gianni crf player


    adnohguy.. Post MP is lighter than post-stock
  5. Gianni crf player


    I.60 ant 2.15 post wheels crf230 italian version
  6. Gianni crf player


    Ant and post
  7. Gianni crf player


    Playing to experiment .. Are the vibrations that feel only come from the engine?
  8. Gianni crf player

    Does the 2019 Honda CRF250F belong in this forum?

    crf250 is a cousin only for air cooling but crf150 and crf 230 are sisters .. I believe that they are two different bikes in all particolar and therefore to be discussed in different forums
  9. Gianni crf player

    Italian crf 230 drawings and codes

    Hi Chuck.. If there were drawings and codes would be all easier .. pity they are not found
  10. Gianni crf player

    Italian crf 230 drawings and codes

    Thanks On2Whls .. I also did not find anything
  11. As many friends know, I am the owner of an Italian crf 230 called "easy". The Italian version HM (in collaboration with HM Honda montesa ..) differs from the classic crf 230f for some details including the 28mm carburettor .. But the most obvious is the rear disc brake diameter 240 mm (both wheels are different in fact the front disc has 6 bolts instead of 4 ) .. I looked for drawings and codes for these parts but I could not find them .. Now I would like the collaboration of those who can give news of this .. (I especially ask Spanish friends if they are in this forum).. Thanks .. greetings to all
  12. Gianni crf player

    Happy New Year “little girl bike “ riders!

    Happy New year Confederate.. Happy New year to all friends
  13. Gianni crf player

    Air screw adjustment

    Confederate.. I could not go back to the codes to order these parts .. there are no drawings .. Italy is a country full of contradictions in commerce [emoji52]
  14. Gianni crf player

    Air screw adjustment

    crf 150 R with reinforced springs.. sorbales
  15. Gianni crf player

    Air screw adjustment

    ofcorse Baja Rambler