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  1. Lube chain adjuster bolts. Steering stem.
  2. Let's talk about gas cap vents and see where that takes us?
  3. I have a habit of humping the gas tank when I get tired.
  4. Thanks for explaining that. I didn't really get it, other than Steve Martin was a funny bastard. My own dad accused me of being homo, at the same time I was bringing home female strippers, but he was a drunk, so....
  5. Anyone tried these? costs as much a nitromousse
  6. The best option I did was the no1clyde kdx tranny swap, but mine is a '99 and the gearing was horrible.
  7. I am more than happy to replace the entire helmet after a crash that destroys the innards.
  8. I pinched two conventional tubes mounting a new tire recently and decided I am going to use nitromouse on the 250 to be able to mimic the low pressure feel with out worry. I think conventional tubes are great. I know someone who runs tubliss in the rear and mousse in the front, so if you can't decide there are options. I also noticed there is some tube cup thing/rim liner that is suppose to allow running lower pressures while avoiding flattening rims and tires.
  9. I didnt go to the doc, but things are better. I had to laugh at all the missing words in my post. I am kind of astounded, a sore rib cage and lower back pain that is only slightly worse than before the wreck. By the grace of God once again. I can't wait to get a bell carbon.
  10. I have some new tires for sale if you are interested...came straight from the room condition...
  11. The amount of correction amplifies the shaking Earth effect. The only way I can stop it is by not wearing goggles, or a strapping them to my head before I put my helmet on. It can be done.
  12. I didn't even think I hit my head hard, just starting to get a mild headache now and it's been about 8 hours. No neck pain at all, so I like to think the roll protection built into the helmet did something good. I guess the just1 carbon did it's job. Got a minor bruise on my knee that has no pain associated with it. The fact that my gear cost more than my bike makes me feel smart.
  13. My zipper has held up for at least five years now. A number of tears in the mesh sleeves. The connectors that attach the back armor come off when it gets wadded up in a gear bag. And it isn't compatible with any neck brace that I know of. Those are my problems with the Titan. It's getting close to the end of it's life, but I am definitely going to replace it with something comparable and using a exoskeleton. It has saved my from being impaled by braches as well. I don't think k the soft armor would have worked as well. I am certain the force of the bike and the Earth was spread out over a wider area because of the hardish plastic.
  14. I did again. The one maneuver that leaves me wondering why. A few years ago it was a log hidden in grass that launched front end, and launched the rear end twice as high. Dislocated shoulder. Then the a stump, no armor. Broken/cracked ribs. Today it was the 3'x3' gully. I am damned luck. Solo, and this time the bike landed square on my body, and leg, I think, somehow. I laid there for a second, made sure my legs still worked. Wondered why it was so hard to breath. Couldn't see shit. After a few minutes I could see that there was no one to help me, so I picked the bike. Waited for my vision to clear, and then kicked it forever until it finally started. Rode 12 miles home, of virgin sand washes, single track, and other stuff I didn't want. Could have called my wife, but she would have brought her ambulance. My head doesn't even feel like I hit it, but am getting sweaty and light headed I need to go lie down.
  15. I love my fox titan, especially after today. I put it on, actually thinking about the comment in this thread dis'n plastic, and noted again how much protection there is on my back and how it isn't noticeable. 20 miles later I got surprised by 3' x 3' wash and tried to hop it going a little too fast. At one point I was looking forward on the bike, but was actually looking straight down at the earth. Luckily the bike landed on something soft, unfortunately it was me. It took a long 30 seconds or so to get the air back in my lungs, and probably about 5 minutes before my vision cleared. My lower back is the most hurt, but it was already screwed up anyhow. My rib cage hurt in the same spot on both side. I think it landed on my angle also, because it kinda hurt. I am certain my fox titan saved at least my back today, and the nack pack helped. The sidi cf2's saved my angle and foot. I don't feel so good right now.