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  1. Stick motor? W motor? Sounds like a rc airplane issue?
  2. The comma was an accident, but left to invoke thought. Jericho can be a cluster f on the wrong weekend.
  3. I disagree. I use seals that keep dirt out, but I don't trust them to stop a pressure washer.
  4. He means cooling lines. Head gasket installed wrong, or reused? Are the nuts torqued? Check the flatness of the head. You should be able to get a used head for under $50.
  5. Make sure you follow fork alignment procedures and ignore the fender.
  6. I'm the same. I broke a left side case on my xrr, replaced every bearing, bored it to 680, opened the valves, falicon rod, hardened rockers, hrc cam chain, port n polished, etc. A $300 repair became a couple Grand, and I feel good about it. I assume you did not replace the rod? I would do that and the crank bearings.
  7. I did, but I only know southern Utah. Dicks racing and fineline are in St George. Go little further south to Vegas and there is dynamic dirt. Just finished the H&H in Jericho. I saw a lot of Dicks, Racing stickers.
  8. Shift drum star and/or pawl. Or bent fork.
  9. When you are doing your tightening, do every third spoke and go around three times.
  10. Damn, I am guessing springs brings the most injuries with people coming out of hibernation. We are at the NH&H just 30 miles north of Delta right now. Last time I was here we had minor run in with a utv and later I dislocated my shoulder 10 minutes in to a trail ride. Makes me nervous because we a 14yo racing 250 expert, and 11yo on minis. The 14 yo is damned fast, but I worry that he is trying to (and succeeding) to out pace guys in their prime.
  11. utah

    I agree. That's what gets areas closed. Let the shaming commence....
  12. Mine was mostly stock when I picked up, but it was uncorked and had a wb pipe. So I didn't get the pleasure of that awakening. Doing the suspension is another mind blowing transformation, as it is with many bikes.
  13. utah

    It would be legal if it is a designated trail, or an open area. It's probably not an open area.
  14. I was wrong, not Arctic. "Two Frenchmen, Jacques Seguela and Jean-Claude Baudot, made an 87,000-mile round-the-world trip in a Citroen 2CV and once substituted crushed bananas for oil to keep a gearbox working as it crossed a South American desert." Los Angeles Times
  15. I don't think oil is that important. I read about some guys in the Arctic that had gearbox problems. They didn't have any gear oil so they used bannanas.