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  1. The crank was removed using a case splitter, not a hammer. Same with the bearings. However, the "reputable and professional motorsports shop" that I purchased the 17 year old bike from had "just rebuilt the crank," but not the piston or cylinder. Probably about 40 hours of riding and the big end smoked. This further supports my theory that if the seller of a used bike says "It's good," it really means "this is the part that is going to fail first."
  2. I avoid any coolant with silicates.
  3. I just got an OEM 2t crank back from being rebuilt. The note from shop said "couldn't be aligned using centers (end hammered), used bearing surface." So wondered what the ramifications of this might be? It seems to me that the bearing surface would be more accurate anyhow, as that defines its position when assembled. And using centers, one being a rather skinny flywheel side could induce error. Would this fact have made it a wiser choice to go with a hotrods or other complete replacement for another $100?
  4. I have a Klim medium (Mojave?) that I bought for riding without armor, but it still fits over the armor. It's a little tight, but works just fine. I have one of their lighter shirts in large and it fits over armor a bit better. I like wearing a hoodie on cool days.
  5. Chain/airfilter cleaner
  6. WTF? Vented shirt? The only shirt that fits over my armor is a jersey. Did klim only have racing in mind?
  7. There is a guy over yonder who has old pipes on his fence posts. I guess it is art of some sort.
  8. Cool, will check that out in the near future. I love the Ruby Mnts, but haven't spent any time there yet. Maybe you know this, but you can got from Ely to Caliente, and Caliente to Mesquite or St George, all dirt. From either one of those locations you can get to Mt Trumbull and Toroweap with just a hint of asphalt crossing through either city. Hooking Elk in to that would make for an epic ride. It is nice to live some place we can literally ride from the front yard and make it a 10-1000 mile trip with just a dirt bike.
  9. Well that's a good solution too, sell the bike so you don't care anymore. I bought a used set of rims off ebay that looks like they were stored at a chlorine factory, the corrosion makes them unique and fast as @$#&.
  10. I put giant numbers on my car and everyone thinks I am a famous stock car racer. Every time I drive by they hold their beers up and hoot and holler. I got so caught up in it one day I forgot to use my turn signal.
  11. If you don't put "skins" on your spokes they will not rust. If they are rusted they should be replaced, and not because of how they look.
  12. I remember a friend's dad bringing home a brand new 2t mower. Put straight gas in it and mowed about 100 sq ft of lawn. Then it sat in the backyard for 30 years.
  13. I was in Barclay, and now in Pioche. I can't live without wide open spaces. We went to Colorado over the holidays and I found the rockies to cause me claustrophobia. Elko is nice, but it's a little too urbanized for me anymore. Can a guy get from Elko to Ely without any asphalt?
  14. Some organized rides give out handy little gift packages that are nice to have in your pack. Fuel line, various nuts and bolts, nitrile gloves, tube patch, ruler?, and some stickers. The most major repair I have had to do on the trail is pull a clutch cover to remove a chunk of magnesium, and then used a foam ear plug to plug the hole in the cover. I rode the rest of the day like that.
  15. Mousse type tubes, expecially on the little bikes. Anymore, I just ride it home with a flat. It isn't worth my time to change tubes in the dirt. I rode 15 miles of a race this year with a flat and lots of rocks. It ruined a tire I didn't care about, but the the rim was unaffected. I did the same on my xrr with a motoz tire. After 10 miles the tire was fine and I was in my garage.