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  1. I had one machined from a billet of 7068 aluminum with a carbon fiber inner and kevlar wrap on the outside, and then the whole thing was dipped in titanium. It was totally bullet proof, and cost more than my house, but it was worth it. Unfortunately someone stole it right before I was going to jump the grand canyon. That's why I didn't make the jump. Anyhow, you could buy this one. https://www.motosport.com/product/?adpos=1o4&cc=us&creative=281206792547&device=c&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIj4L42MWe4QIVCyCtBh3cUwH0EAQYBCABEgLe_vD_BwE&key=G2-Ergonomics-Throttle-Tube-Cam-System&matchtype=&mrkgadid=3301756002&mrkgcl=500&network=g&product_id=GNM0003-X001-Y006&pssource=true&rkg_id=0&segment=badger It's the most expensive so its probably the most durable, but it could be destroyed just leaving the driveway. Don't be a dumbass, go with Motion Pro: https://www.motionpro.com/c/throttle-tubes
  2. There's a lot of good reasons to never own a ktm.
  3. I took a 2nd in the 40+ novice yesterday. I saw quite a few grey hairs suiting up....
  4. crypto666

    What bell helmet do I have?

    No. Age Does Not Affect the Material Properties of Expanded Polystyrene Liners in Field-Used Bicycle Helmets Shannon G. Kroeker, Stephanie J. Bonin, Alyssa L. DeMarco, Craig A. Good and Gunter P. Siegmund But that would have to be in the context of modern helmets and meeting standards. Any helmet pre-1980 can be said to be unsafe simply because of it's use of outdated technology.
  5. crypto666

    american adventure dirt bike tours las vegas

    +1 for Trac-on
  6. crypto666

    Not Impressed At All

    If it's leaking that I bad I would suspect the front end is twisted and the bushings might be worn. I dumped it in a race and rather than spend time straightening the front end I just rode the remaining 50 miles. It leaked after that, assuming it wore one side of the seal and bushing excessively. But I guess when you say the seal is gone, you mean toast/rotted/deteriorated.
  7. And to top it off, I sent them my old cam thinking they might replace it. They did not. I forgot to take my cam gear flange off the old cam before I sent it. I asked them a few times to please return it. They did not. I had to buy a replacement, and thankfully I found one available. I bet there is a bucket full of xrr cam gear flanges sitting in the xro shop. Total cost I uncurred for xro use of jbweld on reground cams=200+200+40+300=$740 I forgot gaskets, oil, and coolant. So lets just round it up to $800.
  8. crypto666

    How much fuel do you go through?

    But the op wanted to know liters.
  9. crypto666

    How much fuel do you go through?

    I think you mean you burned 37.854 liters of petrol in 20 miles?
  10. crypto666

    How much fuel do you go through?

    Yeah. Sometimes more. How much are you using? Its only about 13 dollars.... I burn 0.5-2 gallons daily, more on the weekends.
  11. crypto666

    Duct Tape Shootout!

    I like hot chicks and all, but I just can't get over how godamned bizarre people are. Not so much the models, but the weirdos on the sidelines. They are just holding their cell phones, no one is throwing dollar bills. That kind of thing gets you kicked out of the places i have been. Lots of lesbians in that crowd...
  12. crypto666

    Duct Tape Shootout!

    That's the duct tape that you actually use for ducts. I found one bike purpose, I use on my air boxes where they are close to exhaust as a thermal barrier. I doubt it actually does much, but it might buy me a fraction of a second in the case of box-pipe contact. Or there could be some immeasurable gain in horse power from reducing the intake temperature by .01 degrees, but most importantly, like band-aids, it makes me feel better.
  13. I want to ask why you purchased the bike, and then asked them to do a compression check? But I won't, I had a shop sell me bike(2T), told me it had a "new" bottom end. I asked what about he top end? He said "I dunno." My bullshit detector went off, and I bought the bike anyhow, and for more than I should have. I promptly took it, did the suspension on it, and seized it. I found that the cylinder had been sleeved, but they didn't bother to cut the ports out. That's why he "dunno" about the top end, he knew what was in there. They sell themselves as sled engine builders. After rebuilding the entire thing and the motor twice, I don't regret it. Long story short, deal with it.
  14. crypto666

    How much fuel do you go through?

    Im an american, we deal in gallons which i think is almost 3 liters? On practice days i average about 2.5 to 3.5 gallons, can feel it and use more or not feel it and use less. I leave with my bike, trailer and 5 gallons of gas for biike. Don't you mean you leave with 18.9271 liters of gas for bike?
  15. crypto666

    Rocky mountain

    Their policy, like other places, is to use the cheapest option. You don't know who you will get. It might be one company for a while, then prices change.