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  1. robertaccio

    2018 FX350 Deals?

    one of our crew has been thinking to move his Beta 300RR and go 4 stroke and mentioned the FX350 at Veys. That's where I heard about it. And yes what 4sevens said. My quick estimate was @ 8500 still with todays prices under 10k sounds good to me!!
  2. robertaccio

    2018 FX350 Deals?

    veys el cajon heard they are blowing out an 18 FX350
  3. Only because they have to. us peons really don't know that, but you can bet they are not using the OEM dealer market ECU, some sort of adjustable factory special ECU set up I'm sure.
  4. BTW 4 years ago we did a small group G Force class here in San Diego. He had to go to Husky USA HQ and pick up a bike it was a TC250 OEM stock, he (with help from local sponsor rep) if I remember right installed a GT216 on the front had OEM stock 19 Dunlop out back and put his graphic plastic on it. He was still riding around at 12 o'clock and doing stuff that still boggles the mind up in the rocks. Std TC250 no lights no e start stock pipe with his silencer ( I will look at the pictures to be sure) no real mods. I'm sure his personal setup was much better for him.. but heck he was world class trials skills on a stock MX bike. Note also My TX300 Mikuni induction system has the float level lowered to min height checked at the std angle of the mounted carb (it was way up high from production), JD Jetting to spec at 75F at 3.5K alt, standpipe tube not looped but in a U so the hose routes up near the carb then down, a Vforce 4 reed cage and thunder products torque wing installed in the stock Mikuni carb. The thing starts idles and runs fine hot or cold both trail riding and for hardcore racing. (My 01 YZ125 has the same carb and rips) signed Capt. Obvious. Robertaccio PS from OEM if you leaned my TX300 like 10 15 deg to the side fuel would pour out the standpipe=float level way too high, quick simple test
  5. Old news Jarvis rides a TPI machine since 2018 season.........as does Jonny Walker.
  6. robertaccio

    PuertaMX at El Chale Rancho 26JAN2019

    Actually the Final 2018 race that was postponed, a double pointer. Just South of Tecate , minutes from the border. Need more 50+ Open participation (trying to fortify my class)!!! along with all the other classes. Closed loop short course XC race, usually around 8-10 mile loop, GNCC meets Nat. Hare scramble. Small loop taste of the Tecate Enduro type stuff. Transponders usually used with fast race results, well managed courses.
  7. robertaccio

    Rear Spring Rate

    extrapolated chart from the OEM chart added heavier and lighter rates to have additional spec for additional riders. note WP OEM uses N/mm rating and many others like Race Tech use Kg/mm rating or a mix of both.
  8. Just a thought, Graham rides around at the 12 O clock position all day long, probably a good engineering solution for the standpipe mod requirement.
  9. robertaccio

    '18 TX300 sag

    Reference this, it incorporates the Factory engineering chassis suspension balance spec with additional extrapolated weight references for over and under the manual chart ratings. OEM setting is yellow this is from the 2017 model. There may be some variance I have not checked with the later models so like I said reference this.
  10. robertaccio

    2019 TE 300 TPI Gnarly pipe?

    Cmon fellas, do you guys think that FMF just slaps a pipe on these bikes? every one is calculated designed engineered ,dyno-ed and field tested, according to the desired spec. anyway I hope you choose the one that works for you (the gnarley in this case), in most cases the fatty is very close to the oem set up with some additional gains. as stated the gnarley is designed for low end and mid boost with an early sign off. the others like the sst for example is designed as a MX pipe , that suff is all written on the fmf site and in all the testing articles from a multitude of sources. and yes visually you can see the chamber dimensions as well as the header sections are different for the various models.
  11. robertaccio

    How do I bleed out air of my hydraulic clutch?

    see above order the clutch bleeder kit. or take it to a dealer or competent mech to bleed it.
  12. robertaccio

    TX style number plate for '17 TE250

    Cycra has a front plate as well. FYI
  13. robertaccio

    Warning for those running the stock skid plate

    TM Designs, AXP, are similar in material. That plastic material that TM uses is kind of a dead material that absorbs hits. Alloy is great but does create harmonics, those rubber mounted Alloy plates are commendable. but in this day and age plastic type glide/skid/bash plates are the state of the art. Use what the extreme enduro guys use, that's a good bet. Mario Roman Sherco -AXP, Jonny Walker KTM Akropovic (CF), Graham Jarvis- AXP. Taddy Blasusiak Akro, Cody Webb TMD and another maybe P3 (CF)
  14. robertaccio

    Spooge TE 300

    Hey just a slightly off topic question I recently just tore my carb apart from my 18 tx300 and it was shocking how bad the float was off..... How does that happen?? Only my thoughts nothing factual to prove it , KTM production, they order boxes full of carburetors from Mikuni, Mikuni has a basic setting that goes into all their carbs based on a certain position, and even with that there is going to be some variation. KTM Husky installs carbs on the line and they are tilted forward more than the Mikuni spec set up. KTM runs the bikes (all of them are run up) and for that run up they are fine. We get them delivered with higher than proper fuel height. Mine for example would spill fuel from the standpipe with only a very minor angle tilt to the side, like 10 15 degrees., most bikes are dang near 45 degrees before fuel pours out of the bowl standpipe (overflow). I knew the thing was high physically on that quick and dirty manual check.
  15. robertaccio

    Spooge TE 300

    OEM spec 60:1 (I happen to use K2 Maxima) with good pump premium ( I always use Shell) like I mentioned above and install/use an OEM heat range BR7EIX Iridium plug, bike seems to start quicker and run cleaner with the IX plug, I have been a big fan of these plugs for years now. Matter of fact use IX plugs in all your machines as an upgrade. And don't chase jet issues until you set up your float level to the lower side of the spec. see JDs photo slide show of proper float height setup , its pretty much spot on.