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    devore closures

    Mr. 7--- I could care less where you really really cool super special ultra bitchen expert rider guys ride. I’ve never asked and don’t care! I also don’t care how long you’ve been riding in SOCAL or how cool you think you are Your still an ASSHAT ! I do enjoy how you call the top secret classified riding areas “Our Spots” like you belong to some cool guy club when I’m willing to bet that most people who read your posts just think you’re an idiot! As far as you trying to insult myself and my riding----- do you hear that--------? That --Moron ---Is the sound of me not loosing any sleep over what you think.
  2. ID

    devore closures

    Well Mr. 7 Sounds like you have a whole lot of sand in your Mangina. I could care less if you get annoyed by people trying to enjoy the same sport your family obviously does. Jerks like you are what is wrong with this sport! Secret riding spots-- give me an f’ing break. If it’s a legal riding area---guess what hotshot that means that EVERY rider has a right to ride there---Not just whom you deem worthy. No one asked if you were an A-hole---But you sure told everyone you were!
  3. ID

    Trail riding boots

    I use Tech 6 ...Love emm.
  4. Well on my DS kit the conrtoll switch mount is stripped, and the screw keeps coming loose..
  5. Question: Is there anyway to fix stripped plastic?
  6. Went out to the Desert this weekend...OMG I have never seen soooo many swarming insects in my life! They looked like small bees, but didn’t sting. Anyone know what they are?
  7. ID

    Question for you SoCal riders

    Non resident green sticker...You can get them from certain Motorcycle shops.
  8. Reasons you will pay too much for Insurance.. 1. You are a crappy driver(Tickets, accidents, DUI's, ect) 2. You live in a area that has a high rate of accidents, and or crime. 3. You are young with little driving experience. 4. You didn't shop your rates. 5. You drive, or ride a high performance machine 6. Any combination listed above. Reasons you will get screwed in the event of a claim 1.You walked into you Insurance Agents office and said "Give me the cheapest Insurance you have that will make me legal. 2. You didn't ask questions, or read the small print. 3.You didn't purchase a adequate policy.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^ You have no clue what you are talking about Moron.
  10. I am an Insurance Agent. I guess Im am going to hell for being a thief huh? One more thing...Total loss claims are negotiable(at least here in Cali), The funny thing is that people don’t read their paper work, a insurance policy is like anything else BUYER BEWARE.. Know what you are buying, before you buy it. That’s what Insurance Agents are for, to answer any questions you may have.
  11. Progressive has 2 options when it comes to comp and coll coverage. Option 1- A actual Cash Value policy. This is where they will pay you ACV in the event of a total loss..This means they will give you what they can replace the same Vehicle for. If you did not purchase added equipment coverage they will not cover it. Sounds like this is the policy you had. Option 2- Stated amount coverage. This is where you tell the Agent what you want to cover the vehicle for and in the event of a total loss they pay you the stated amount. Sounds like you purchased option #1.
  12. ID

    My New riding Video

    Sweet Looks like you were having a blast, and that is what it ia all about!