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  1. Riel250f

    Snow riding?

    Thanks, I used 1-1/4 on the front and they do stick out real far. Never tried this method before so I'm learning. SS one inch looks perfect for next time. I think I'll have 8 hours in by the time I'm finished with my set. Ha ha oh well it's worth it, winter trail riding is a blast!
  2. Riel250f

    Snow riding?

    I just made a set of these tires, curious why your front tire design doesn't have the cement screws down the middle? They do stick out far. .
  3. Riel250f

    Basic oil change question

    Thanks no offense taken. I have all the tools for maintenance it's just that I have the problem everyone wishes they had, riding too much. I get lazy with the suspension because I'm always doing the maintenance items required to allow me to ride every 2 or 3 days. I'm very thankful. Dove into this task while greasing the steering stem and I've never actually measured the old oil I dump out.
  4. Riel250f

    Basic oil change question

    Yeah it's thick and nasty. Thanks I'll treat my baby better in the future.
  5. Replacing the outer chamber oil in my 09 yz250f only 305 ml drained out but 365 is supposed to go back in. Is this normal? 50 hours & FC was last to service them. Thanks for any help.
  6. Just got a pair of K4's and noticed there's a taper to the side knee pads. One brace has the thicker side facing the patella cup and the other brace has the thicker side facing the back. Manual makes no mention. Which way are they supposed to go? Thanks
  7. Riel250f

    Is there anything wrong running this?

    Thanks guys, appreciate it, just wanted to make sure I'm not crazy.
  8. 115mm race sag? 09 YZ250f 6' - 165lb, Vet B Motocross The bike just handles so good and PLANTED in the flat turns and rutted turns. Standing thru turns as well. Jumping is fine and in control, no bottoming. I went to 103mm yesterday between motos and the front pushed like crazy, I'd compensate with body position and then the rear was like on ice. It felt like a constant balance & traction battle thru any turn. My suspension is all rebuilt/fresh with 6 hrs time on it. Std springs. Forks 7mm up in the triples. Clickers front and rear are stock within 1 click. I really focus on keeping way forward, head out over the number plate, maybe this is what allow so much sag without ill effects? Actually, what are the ill effects, because I'm seeing none? All my research shows 115mm is way too much unless I'm riding a linkage-less KTM. Just run it? Appreciate any thoughts.
  9. Riel250f

    Clutch help

    The interior aluminum teeth of the clutch boss that ride on the steel "main axle" I guess it's called (right behind the main nut and lock washer), sheared off. Once I removed the pressure plate I saw the clutch boss nut was already spun off the axle, yet the lock washer was still firmly in place. Riding motocross going through a 3rd gear turn about to hit the face of a jump and thought I hit a false neutral.
  10. Riel250f

    Clutch help

    Well all the clutch boss teeth ripped off. Push rod is fine. I see yamaha has a superseded part number for the boss, this must be why. New one on the way. Was pretty dangerous when it happened, so I'd replace yours sooner than later.
  11. Riel250f

    Clutch help

    Thanks for the responses guys, appreciate it. Going to pull it apart tonight and inspect. I've owned a lot Yamaha's and never had this happen, really surprised. So looks like I will need a new push rod 2 or the actuator arm. Will report back what I find.
  12. Riel250f

    Clutch help

    09 250f clutch completely disengaged while riding. Thought the cable broke, as the lever flopped around but it's the actuator arm, it has zero resistance. What would physically break while riding to cause this?
  13. Riel250f

    HS Compression punch marks

    Great, will do, and thanks for the response, appreciate it!
  14. 09 YZ250F Had my suspension serviced recently and following the manual for setting the HS Compression, when I tighten it down the punch marks are not lining up, they are off by exactly 180 degrees. So I just went out from full tight to what the manual stated out. Is there any adverse affects of having these punch marks off by 180 at full tight? I just got the bike and never checked the HS Compression setting prior to sending out, so maybe it was always off by 180? Is it easy to fix? Kinda bummed I want to ride 3x a week now that the ground is thawed, vs. sending my shock back. Any advice? Thank you.
  15. Riel250f

    Tech 8 RS

    Anybody have any experience with these new tech 8 models? I have the old ones (2007) and they were great, stiff ankle, low height toe box (for easy shifting) leather & plastic. The ankle support is just gone now and they flex way too much. Seems the new ones have replaced the leather with some "microfiber material", are they still good and stiff in the ankle? Toe box looks a bit taller too from the pics too... Can hardly find any reviews online. Thanks for any input.