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  1. Manitoba_Menno

    XR600R countershaft replacements

    Thanks, Red. I would prefer to have the 650L spline pattern with more surface area to distribute the rotational loads. I will hunt for later build years of the 600 countershaft. Cheers, Menno
  2. Manitoba_Menno

    XR600R countershaft replacements

    My 1988 XR600R's countershaft splines are staring to show some initial wear and I wish to have a spare countershaft ready for the day when it needs replacing. So my question: are there other build years and models of Honda countershafts that are compatible with my stock XR transmission? It doesn't matter to me what spline pattern it is so long as the shaft fits in my transmission. Menno
  3. Manitoba_Menno

    Carpal Tunnel

    Take this for what it's worth: I was a welder for a few years awhile back and after months and months of serious production MIG welding my right arm developed tendinitis and tingling numbness in my fingers. This was due to the constant pressure I applied to the MIG gun. The position my hand had was not unlike holding on to the handlebars. I solved the issue by repeatedly doing sets of low-rep fingertip push-ups. The idea was to never do these to exhaustion, but rather to strengthen the connective tissue by keeping the blood flowing. 3-5 reps per set throughout the evening every evening until after a month or so the symptoms began to disappear. I continue to this day doing fingertip push-ups and have greatly benefited from this practise. That said, this worked for me. I'm not a doctor and I'm not recommending this to anyone as it may do further damage. Please exercise caution. Good luck.
  4. Manitoba_Menno

    XR600R - Fork spring suggestions for DualSport setup

    I appreciate the input. I did find emulators a little pricey. I think for sure new springs and then try it out.
  5. Manitoba_Menno

    XR600R - Fork spring suggestions for DualSport setup

    Any opinion on Racetech's valve emulators? Stiffer 2 stage springs and the emulators. Worth the money?
  6. Good day, I'm looking for some advice on fork springs for my 1988 XR600R. I've fitted an Acerbis 6.6 gallon tank and I do think I should have something other than the stock springs to accommodate the weight of a full tank of fuel - almost 40lbs of fuel. I weigh 180lbs and would probably carry another 30lbs (at the most) of luggage. The goal here is for everyday longevity and not all-out racing performance. Also, lets be budget conscious. Cheers! Menno
  7. Manitoba_Menno

    XR600R - Ricky Stator install wiring

    Damn, Riggowrestler, thanks! Nowhere could I find this schematic nor was it supplied to me when I bought the stator. It does, however, confirm my limited electrical knowledge was on the right track. Cheers, mate!
  8. Using the Ricky Stator kit (p/n RSXR600DCCS) I've got everything hooked up, but I'm at a loss as to where the yellow/red wire coming off of the regulator/rectifier goes or what it's purpose is. (see pic) The instructions say to hook it up to the brown wire coming off of the tail light. That would be fine if I had that, but I don't. My limited knowledge of electrical tells me that the yellow/red wire coming from the regulator/rectifier is 12V DC that I can use for lighting, etc. The reason I'm confused with this wire is that I was under the impression that I run my lights, signals, horn, etc. off of the battery as the wiring harness supplied allows me. Can someone confirm for me the use of the yellow/red wire? Cheers, Menno
  9. Manitoba_Menno

    Real men don't wear shop gloves!

    The effects of chemical absorption get worse as you enter geezer-dom, like me. Also, the body doesn't forget every nasty thing you've done to it, seriously.
  10. Manitoba_Menno

    XR and XL 600 difference ?

    Thanks, Horri. I appreciate your input. The vintage stuff (of which I'm a big fan of) is hard to find around the prairies as mostly all the dirt guys have trashed these things years ago, plus the market is nowhere near as big here as in the U.S. The fabricating and "mucking" are things I enjoy (I'm a welder) and I just wanted to make sure that I wouldn't have to modify the frame too much to make this happen. My XR600R is bored out to a 660 and has the bigger stator and I just don't want to get rid of her. Basically I need the XL VIN number on the frame to make passing a vehicle safety much easier. I'd rather do lots of dirty work than lots of paperwork if you know what I mean. Manitoba Public Insurance (we only have 1 insurer) can make things next to impossible to accomplish so that's why if I can effectively "turn" my XR into and XL, I'll have less bureaucratic bullsh*t to worry about. If I have more questions regarding things XR/XL can I PM you? Cheers!
  11. Manitoba_Menno

    XR and XL 600 difference ?

    What about the XR frame compared to the XL? I have a complete '88 XR600R and I want to take the components and fit them into a late '80's XL frame due to the fact that the XL's are street-legal in Canada. Are the engine and tank mounts similar between the 2 models? Would much frame modification be involved?
  12. Manitoba_Menno

    Is this little subframe crack a big problem?

    Good day All, I just bought an '88 XR600R and was already aware of the the lack of durability of the subframe before I purchased it. My question is: At what locations would gussets and reinforcements be in order to optimize frame strength and durability? I'm sure I could figure it out on my own but there are 'devils' that hide in every bike that only appear after riding and I would like to prevent a breakdown at all costs before I thrash 'er about. I'm new to this bike so I hope that the wisdom of this community can answer my question. Cheers!