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    Any 701 clutch slave failures?

    I have no personal experience with this information, but I have read numerous reports on other forums that the Rekluse slave cylinder ONLY functions properly when using the Rekluse Clutch assembly. I cannot confirm this information. I put a dial indicator on my clutch pack and with the factory slave, it disengages about .065" I have the Husqy service manual. but it does not give actual disengagement measurements. Good luck.
  2. dirtyharry30

    701 Countershaft seal leaking from new.

    I believe my Speedisleeve repair is working, although other have had success with just replacing the seal and o-ring. Be very much aware that the original pasty chain lube gets thrown around and once it hits the hot engine cases may be giving the impression that the seal is weeping. Please don't be too hasty in assuming its the seal. Good luck.
  3. dirtyharry30

    701 Countershaft seal leaking from new.

    Thanks for your input. Seal failure/oil leaks have been widespread, not just 2019s. It's not been 'rampant' but has been more than a few. I am leaning towards the 'bad batch' theory, so I will be replacing it soon. I am doing the repair myself, because I don't have any faith in the mechanical skills of the dealership where I purchased it. Brand new bike, bolts missing in the rear fender, no fuel--kind of disappointing. I worked at a dealership, years ago, and I would have been fired if I had delivered a bike in that condition. First impressions are very important. A Speedisleeve, trade name, is for repairing worn shafts. They work great. Never heard of running chain too tight to cause seal leakage, only excessive chain and sprocket wear, but I can understand how it could flex things in a bad way. Again, thanks for your input. I will update when I have completed the replacement and test ridden.
  4. I have a 2019 701 SM. Countershaft started leaking during the first 100 miles, if not sooner. I am on other forums for this bike and others have experienced the same issue, but no one has a definitive reason for the problem. Some have had the dealer replace the seals, but leaking has continued. I just installed a speedisleeve (+.011 thickness) and that has not helped. I have a new seal, but Easteregging parts is not my style. I want to know why it is leaking and fix the 'problem.' The sleeve is 1.2563", a few thousandths under 32mm, which is the seal I.D. The groove for the inner O-ring is about 0.050 and the O-ring measures about 0.065, so at this point, I am open to all suggestions and opinions. Thanks for your help. I have not read on this forum about this problem, that is why I am asking. Again, thanks for any and all responses.