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  1. Tripilot

    Ram Phone Mount

    I use the Claw and have had to phone pop out when I went down on more than one occasion. That fact aside, I love the claw and move it from my WR to my Road Star. The phone is used for navigation and music primarily but I'll make or receive the occasional call when riding. I'm going to order a Ram Tether to compliment the Claw and believe that will offer the safety needed that the Claw alone doesn't offer.
  2. Tripilot

    Best summer gloves

    I'm always looking for alternatives to strictly MC products. I have several pair of gloves from this page (company) that I wear depending on type of riding and weather conditions- https://www.magidglove.com/store/work-gloves/impact-gloves/ This glove- T-Rex "Goatskin Hyperon" glove is perfect for cooler season riding. I have also purchased safety glasses and clothing for riding from this company.
  3. Tripilot

    How to Make Your Own Plastic Skid Plate

    Well done and great writeup!
  4. Tripilot

    Open trailer setup ideas?

    Get a deck-over type that will offer greater width. I use a Triton ATV-88 to haul three bikes FL to NY and back annually. Get the longer model for your needs- https://www.tritontrailers.com/atv-utv/aluminum-wood/value-plus/
  5. Tripilot

    China dirt bike riders

    Very cool! It's great to see that our sport spans the globe and governments around the world. "the traffic rules says not on road without plate but most cops don’t care if not riding into the city " That is pretty much unheard of here in the land of the once-free. Ride on.......
  6. Tripilot

    New York Supermoto?

    Even though this is named "Upstate", I occasionally see posters from the Hudson Valley region. https://www.facebook.com/groups/788766391260578/ Throw up a post and see what comes from it......
  7. Tripilot

    Boots with room for knee pads

    I wear these lower cost boots and my knee/shin guards fit comfortably inside them- https://www.atomic-moto.com/products/forma-terrain-tx-boots I'd suspect that Forma's better boots would also accommodate the guards as well. Good luck!
  8. Think outside the norm for great products at great pricing! Awesome boots at a very reasonable price and excellent customer service from Atomic Moto- https://www.atomic-moto.com/collections/off-road-boots/products/forma-terrain-tx-boots Here’s a company where I buy non-motorcycle specific pants, jackets, gloves and glasses all at very affordable prices. In fact, I believe the gloves I buy are better than most off-road motorcycle gloves and are also priced well- https://www.magidglove.com/?utm_campaign=e-Comm Tingley Workreation Sale&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=71582072&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_v4YgEQyhtoYE5SvOtf4HWeddroO3_Bm008E4QKh3pFb5rsuewQkJxQT6ZgvbkUZ2SuvoRKAJjU-cY3UC1RoZG3ccCqQ&_hsmi=71582072
  9. Tripilot

    Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

    I would disagree with the above statement, and here's why; He never took possession of the package, therefore, he never had (received) what he paid for. It remains in the possession of the delivery company, FedEx knows that and RMATV knows that. This purchaser did not (presumably) cause this to happen, so, he should not be held accountable for the problem associated with either the delivery company or the seller. Consider this; when I recently returned a rear sprocket I ordered, through Amazon, and was delivered via UPS. It didn't fit because they misrepresented it as being a fit form my MC. As soon as I dropped it off at UPS and it was scanned in using the provided return label, I was issued a refund to my credit card. They didn't even know for sure that the unused, unmolested sprocket was actually in the package. Common sense needs to be afforded this case, and it's clear it is not by RMATV or FedEx. Its necessary for them to come to terms and figure out where the failure point is. This may end up costing RMATV sales......
  10. Tripilot

    Trailer Setup for 6x12

    So many trailers t choose from... I use this Triton ATV-88 trailer for hauling bikes and for work. I haul 2 big cruisers and my dual sport back and forth NY to FL without issue. This trailer could haul four enduros/dirt bikes without issue as well. It's deck is is 7' wide by 9' long, is constructed from aluminum and is an excellent trailer for hauling bikes. https://www.tritontrailers.com/atv-utv/aluminum-wood/value-plus/
  11. Tripilot

    Boot dilemma - which ones?

    I just returned home after a couple of days of Florida swamp riding in my new Forma Terrain TX Boots. No wet feet after riding through a lot of mud/water holes. Very comfortable with no issues at all. For my first time wearing them I am very impressed. I didn't do a lot of walking but, that I did, they were pretty comfy to walk in. This boot has a pivot point at the ankle making it flex a bit easier there. I purchased them from Atomic Moto and I received top-notch customer service. Excellent help with information about boots to formulate an educated decision. I'd suggest you give Atomic a call and pose your question to them. https://www.atomic-moto.com/products/forma-terrain-tx-boots Good Luck!
  12. I'm similar. 59 and 170 & 5'9", and really began dirt/gravel riding a couple years ago. Ride my Road Star on the pavement. I started with a DR650 and that was too much bike for me. I bought a 2006 XT225 and love that bike. I have used it to develop my skills riding technical or more demanding terrain as well as dirt and gravel roads. I recently opened up the exhaust, airbox and re-jetted the carb. That has made a noticeable difference in performance. At times I travel a fair amount of miles on asphalt to get to places to ride, so the 6-speed transmission on the XT225 is a big dividend in that category. I can cruise easily at 60-65 MPH without issue. My wife has a TW200 and buy comparison, it's not close to the performance of my XT, even when it was stock. Her's has mods too, FMF pipe etc. The XT225 is simply a better performer. That said, if you're not interested in greater performance but want a bike that pulls like a tractor, the T-dub is that bike. Run non-ethanol fuel, keep it fresh and regular Seafoam treatments keeps my carb's working perfectly. I also winterize and park my bikes for 5-6 months of the year without any carb issues. I'm a carb guy and not a FI guy. Whatever bike you choose, I'm confident you will put I through the paces and determine if it is the right bike for you. Best of luck and have a blast!
  13. Tripilot

    Discounted dirtbike gear

    I like to look outside the MC shopping arena for common items that are used in other areas. I have purchased protective gloves for both warm and cool weather riding, riding (safety) glasses and pull-over rain pants from this safety company. I am very happy with each of my purchases-. Check them out… Light breathable golves- https://www.magidglove.com/TRX648-Dotted-Palm-Impact-Glove-Cut-Level-4-TRX648M.aspx Heavy goatskin gloves- https://www.magidglove.com/Magid-T-REX-Rebel-Series-TRX846-Goatskin-Hyperon-Lined-Driver-Style-Impact-Glove-Cut-Level-A5.aspx Great pants for woods banging that fit over MX boots and knee/shin armor- https://www.magidglove.com/Tingley-Icon-P24123-Breathable-Waterproof-Pants.aspx I purchased DryBlend fabric T-Shirts from this company. I order them two sizes larger than normal so they fit over my armor. Really nice shirts for hot weather riding. $6.00 each or $8.00 each for 2L and up - Hard to beat! Very pleased with them- https://www.cheapestees.com/gildan-50-50-long-sleeve-tshirt-g840.html Good luck!
  14. I just got to Florida where I drove from NY. I have made this trip many time hauling at least two cruisers on my open, flatbed trailer - Triton ATV-88 - with a plywood deck. This trip I packed my enduro in between the cruisers. I use two methods for securing my bikes to the trailer. One is U-Bolts; I drill two holes, one on each side of a cross member and drop the legs of the U-Bolt though the deck. I then put the nylock nuts on from the underside and tighten them until the desired height (when the bolt is lifted) is achieved. Second is that I use 3/16" non-coated cable. I again drill a hole on each side of the cross member and run the cable around it two times. On the underside I secure the cable with two cable clamps. I have used both of these methods for many thousands of miles of hauling bikes and each has worked without incident. I bought 7/16" U-Bolts at a local axle shop but, I didn't have then made for me. I asked for anything that had been made but was never used so as to keep the cost down. Tase type of U-Bolts can be quite expensive. I also used the consumer type U-Bots you can get at Lowes or HD for short-term, temporary use. They are not up-to-snuff for extended use, in my opinion. In the attached pic you can see the U-Bolts and the cabling. The U-Bolts are used for the cruisers while the cabling was used to secure the front of my dal sport. As an aside, when I left NY it had been snowing and the roads were salt-covered. I decided Mohave my bikes and trailer shrink-wrapped for the 1,500 miles trip. It held up perfectly and kept all three bikes clean and dry. If you have to open-trailer anything into hostile conditions, consider shrink-wrapping.
  15. Tripilot

    What's this on my YZ250 drive chain?

    Here's a good video for the first-time-riveter... http://www.therideadvice.com/how-to-replace-your-motorcycle-chain/