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  1. jekylmtb1

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Anyone ever installed a window in their enclosed trailer?
  2. Get yer knobbies on for this one - The Northern Virginia Trail Riders have teamed up with the Optimist Club of King George to bring you a great trail ride and a heart- warming fund raising event! All proceeds will go toward "Bringing Out The Best In Kids" in King George County! Please come out, have fun and support this hard working and worthy organization. Where: Eagle Bay, Near Fredericksburg, VA GPS - N38 19.936 W77 12.439 When: Sunday April 13th Sign-Up Opens at 7:30 am Riders Meeting at 9:30 am Ride Starts at 10:00 am Lunch is included! DOWNLOAD THE FLYER: http://nvtr.org/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=2 Check out the review of last year's Spring Trail Ride in this month's Trail Rider magazine, download: http://nvtr.org/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=29&&Itemid=138 Magile is offline Reply With Quote
  3. jekylmtb1

    Watchdog Race Info Input

    Thanks I copied the first few lines of info from a race flyer from last year I have yet to get info for any events this year and I'm new to using a Watchdog Thanks for your offer of assistance
  4. jekylmtb1

    Watchdog Race Info Input

    Does it look something like this and is this the info you input step by step into the watchdog? Event Mileage Key Time Start Control 0.0 8:00 Change to 30 mph 4.2 8:06 Free Time plus 20 min. 8.18 Start Control 8.2 8:34 Change to 18mph 8.2 change to 30mph 8.5 8:35
  5. When you want to input enduro race information, what information does the hosting club provide? Is it just mileage, resets and avg speed?
  6. jekylmtb1

    4/13/2007 hatfield and macoy ride was awesome

    Do you remeber the trail number? Which direction did you travel?
  7. I posted this in the Land section but I want to make sure that the people in the region see what's going on 076515540 HOUSE BILL NO. 3073 Offered January 16, 2007 A BILL to amend the Code of Virginia by adding a section numbered 46.2-911.2, relating to operation of certain vehicles within 500 feet of a dwelling; penalty. ---------- Patron-- Ware, R.L. ---------- Referred to Committee on Transportation ---------- Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia: 1. That the Code of Virginia is amended by adding a section numbered 46.2-911.2 as follows: § 46.2-911.2. Operation of certain vehicles within 500 feet of dwelling prohibited; penalty. A. Any person who operates any off-road motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, or similar vehicle, whether registered or unregistered, within 500 feet of any dwelling shall be guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor. B. If a violation of subsection A is committed by a person less than 18 years old, the parent or other person standing in loco parentis to that person shall be guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor. C. A second or subsequent conviction under subsection A or B within one year of a first conviction shall be punishable as a Class 3 misdemeanor. D. The provisions of this section shall not apply to vehicles while being used for agricultural or silvicultural purposes Every one needs contact their representative on bill number 3073 R. Lee Ware ® P.O Box 689 Powhatan, VA 23139 Office: 804-598-6696 Fax: 804-786-6310 E-mail: del_ware@house.state.va.us
  8. ktmtalk.com, Complete instruction and advice
  9. jekylmtb1

    Oil in air filter box

    Yes , definitely engine oil. I spoke with some who stated that if the bike sits for awhile, the carb can overflow fuel into motor forcing oil out of the vent tube.
  10. jekylmtb1

    Oil in air filter box

    Helping a friend with his 03 TTR 250. After opening air box , discovered a significant amount of oil, I'm assuming from crankcase breather hose. Beside having the bike upside down, what else would cause this back up?
  11. jekylmtb1

    Rear shock question.

    Where did you get your spring? What type straight-progressive? Stiffness?
  12. jekylmtb1


    Is there a chart/calculator to determime correct spring sizing? Do the color of the spring indicate spring rate? Are there any advantages to changing to a progessive shock spring? I have an 04 450 EXC, weigh 230lbs, B level rider.
  13. jekylmtb1

    Virginia Track photos from early 80s

    Here's one of those blue Bultaco's, it was Troy Bradshaw at the 1977 Amateur Nationals at Lake Sugar Tree. He and David Bailey each tricked their bikes like this. http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a323/jekylmtb/bultaco001.jpg I've got some other pics from that timeframe, if I can find them I will post. It was a fun time to race
  14. jekylmtb1

    Rocket Hare Scramble 7-30

    Does anyone have any info on the HS course, length, difficulty. etc.?