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  1. Hi Sounds like you're having a rough time with this one!! I can't comment on the starter mods, etc. but mine is an 04 US import model, I was convinced it needed re-jetting but didn't know where to start, so I took it to a rolling road specialist with exhaust gas analyser. He said the jetting was fine and only made a minor change to the fule screw & it ran better straight away. As far as I know the Euro models are the same as UK ones, one way to be sure if it's a UK bike is to phone Yamaha UK with the frame & engine no's HTH
  2. spiceboy

    Which tire for a WR450?

    Hi Dave-29 If you're after a road legal tyre for your WR these Romvelo ones look good http://www.dirtbikestore.co.uk/acatalog/DirtBikeStore_com_Tyres__Tubes_And_Accessories_66.html#aRomvelo
  3. spiceboy

    Rekluse z-start clutch & brake

    Check this link to the UK importer site for some good pics and details. kbryant are you thinking that the perch adjuster sits on the handlebars? it is my understanding that only the rear brake & clutch override levers are bar mountable, the perch adjuster sits down by the clutch on the motor.....i think? http://www.pro-supermoto.com/z-start.htm
  4. Hi there Is anybody out there running the full rekluse set up? I mean the semi auto clutch, with the bar mounted rear brake and clutch override lever? My questions are do you think you need the manual override, is the bar mounted brake lever useful and is it worhwhile retaining the footbrake too? Do i need the perch adjuster? I've searched and got some good info' I'd appreciate opinions from long time users as well. I'd be fitting to an 04 WR450FS
  5. spiceboy

    Body Armour

    I have a 661 body suit & 661 Bomber padded shorts it works well for me. Previously I had some of the hard plastic roost deflector MX stuff and it hurt like hell if you fell and it bruised me more than if I'd gone without it.
  6. spiceboy

    exhaust insert

    I've the quiet is cool insert, had no problems at all with it. Sounds good too.
  7. spiceboy

    wr450 04 graphics?

    Take a look at the latest ORO catalogue, I think there are some decentish graphics for the '04 in there, failing that check out Rocky mountain atv, I've had stuff shipped from them to the UK before and it doesn't cost too much. A word of warning tho' I got some pre-cut side panel decals from ORO for a YZF450 and while the RHS fits my 04 WRF450 well, the LHS seems totally the wrong shape..! ..still not got to the bottom of that yet.
  8. spiceboy

    Tommy's in mid Wales?

    could be....!! I'm out that way in May for some trail riding.
  9. spiceboy

    pick up my new 05 wr450 on monday

    you'll be well happy with the WR after a DRZ, I traded my 02 DRZe for an 04 WR450 after riding a friends and am much quicker on it!! Check out this months Dirtbike mag for info on how to de-restrict it (throttle stop, exhaust, fuel screw & grey wire mods)
  10. spiceboy

    2004 Triple Clamps

    I tried to PM you, not sure if it worked tho' PM me back if not
  11. spiceboy

    2004 Triple Clamps

    Hi, I've searched for the answer to this but am still confused..!! I want to fit a fatbars/triple clamp setup to my '04 WRF450 and was all set to order a Pro Taper adjustable one for an '03 YZF450 from rocky mountain, but they tell me that it won't fit my bike. I'm aware that some mods to the odo bracketry will be needed. I'm pretty sure that it will fit from what I've read on here, but can anyone who's actually done it confirm for sure ? Also, rocky mountain list a Longhorn clamp for an 04-05 WR450, but I thought the forks were different sizes between the 04 & 05 models, maybe the outer assembly tube is the same OD?? Any one have experience of the quality of 'Longhorn' brand?? Any help greatly appreciated as I'm ordering from the UK & don't want to get something I can't use!
  12. spiceboy

    Racing Numbers ???

    That will depend on the club. Some will let you join annually and allocate you a number for all (their) races, others will let you enter races seperately and allocate you a number for each event as & when you compete.
  13. spiceboy

    Handguards for a WR450?

    Foxtaileader Re: Tusk D Flex guards, I have them on my WR & the bar bracket broke first time I laid it down, I was a little dissapointed with that, I now have the Tusks attached with some Acerbis clamps that are more solid, but would choose Cycra's if I was in the market again.
  14. spiceboy

    Who we got in the UK??

    Hello from Oxford..! US import '04 WR450FS, road reg'd, will cross the MoT bridge when I get to it..!
  15. Got her sorted yet RELL? Cut the screw to 23mm (cut longer first then file it back) Use a 4mm(?) allen key to turn it out from the bottom of the throttle body, it's loctited in so will be tight to turn. I got a US model too and once you've cut the screw off you'll need to ditch the exhaust baffle or it will break off and fly out with the increase in exhaust pressure! I fitted a www.quietiscool.com insert. Cost me £37 shipped They restrict the US versions to meet stricter emmision laws, jetting is on the lean side too, I'm playing with different jets at the moment.