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  1. I have had a Steahly epoxy in flywheel weight in my ‘11 350 SXF for about 70 hours with no worries. Sorry no experience with clutch weights. If it’s an epoxy in unit just make sure the epoxy included hasn’t expired. Mine sat on my shelf for 4 months until I installed it and didn’t have a very long shelf life. Even one of the units at my local shop had expired epoxy in it. Had to order new epoxy.
  2. This http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/852859-300-xc-radiator-overflow-tank/
  3. 2011 SXF 350. Motor has 60 hours on it. 30 of those are mine doing enduro/trail riding. No racing. I think I have bounced off the rev limiter two or three times if that. Not sure about the previous owner but i suspect they were of the same level on the bike. No rebuild yet. Motor sounds good and starts easily. I had the gas tank off for other work and checked valves (first time for me). Both intake and exhaust are within tolerance but on the low end of the spectrum. I am having a hard time figuring out if they are (or will) continue to either move out of tolerance (the gap measured lessens) or move through the tolerance range (the gap measured increases). I would think that as the engine wears gaps get bigger but is this the case with these valves? Thanks for the advice. Ian
  4. Under the visor is where I put mine. After 2 minutes of riding I dont notice its there. Fits fine with my Scott goggles.
  5. Cool thanks. Weather histograms look good also.
  6. Ok planning another trip to Onion Lake but this time October 3, 4 & 5. Anyone think it will be too cold or any snow by then?
  7. Lol good advice then. I think I am pretty much limited to vee rubber 19" trials tire for my current rim. vMR-308 I think. Sorry for the thread hijack but thanks for the advice.
  8. Lol Monk. Thats what I a m leaning towards. I take it u r not a fan. Recommendations? 19"
  9. Hey Pittbull, What rear tire are you running? I don't get to mcnutt much but would love more traction up there. I am starting out a bit easier stuff like Vedder. Thanks, Ian
  10. Oinion Lake area was awesome this weekend. Camped at 4.5 km campground. Was empty except for two others who luckily had a spare clutch lever for my buddy. Thanks Ollie! Lots of people (20 trailers and campers) at monkeywrench start campsite and another 20 or so at that Turnip Lake ( I guess that was it). Lower trails pretty clear of snow/wind fall and 0 snow. Uppers trails is great shape and mostly clear of trees also (only rode a few trails up there). Also 0 snow up there. Great job trail crew!
  11. I have 3 rides with the new Acerbis Cosmo. Loving it so far. Lots of options as to how much protection I want to wear for any given ride in its various configurations. Works great with my leaatt neck brace. I am 6'-2" and 270# so XXL for sure... Lol.
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