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  1. klx300guy8

    master cylinder

    I have a 1999 klx 300, recently the front brake has not been building pressure. I have narrowed the problem down and I think it's not worth fixing, the parts are very expensive. I have seen a master cylinder on ebay for a kx250 and I was wondering if that would work on my 300. My brother has a kx500 and we put that master cylinder on my 300 and it worked, I just didn't know if the 250's were different.
  2. I was at the Buffalo 500 Dual Sport this weekend and I noticed a XR 600 with some kind of Seal Saver that cover the whole length of the exposed forks. I asked what they were and who made them. He said they distributed by Summers Racing Components and actually made by Mudskin. The reason I am so interested is by fork seals recently gave out and it cost be about $150, that's 2 or 3 good days of riding. So I am just wondering if anyone has these and if they actually prevent the seals from leaking. Thanks!
  3. klx300guy8

    450 exc or 525 exc

    I am trying to decide on which bike to get, 450 exc or 525 exc. I ride a 1999 klx 300 and I like it but it just weighs too much for the amount of power it has. It is also not known for its reliabilty. I am the kind of guy who likes to have torque at all times. I rider everything from super tight single trails to fire trails. I want a bike that I can put a license plate on it and ride some dual sports or even race in a harescramble or a GNCC race. I was also wondering about the reliablity of both of these bikes, because I am debating on doing the Michigan 6 day ride. If any of you have either one of these bikes could you please give some of the things you like about the bikes, especially the 525.
  4. klx300guy8

    washing procedure

    I was wondering what you guys did to get the plastics on your bike looking like new. I've seen some pics of some of the members and they look sweet. I have been using like a simple green all purpose cleaner and it just not give it the shine of the plastic I really like.