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  1. Matthias V.

    Pro circuit bar mount

    thanks a lot! Will try to sell the bar mount but it will not be easy as you don't see the PC triple clamps a lot over here
  2. Matthias V.

    Pro circuit bar mount

    My bike is a yz250 2018 model and there the mounts are 100mm apart. I bought it second hand from someone that had it on a yz250 from what he said but the moment I send him a message that they don't fit he didn't answer anymore.. I think he had them on a pro circuit triple clamp but almost no one has pro circuit triple plates here(Belgium) for a yz..
  3. Matthias V.

    Pro circuit bar mount

    I have a pro circuit bar mount that I bought to use on the stock triple clamps but they don't fit. On the stock triple clamps the bolts are 100mm apart and the OEM mounts are a lot higher.. Can someone measure the distance between the 2 bolts on a pro circuit triple clamp? I think they are made only to fit on the pro circuit triple clamps.. the measurements are in mm
  4. Matthias V.

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    No, no need to take the forks apart. just take the fork legs out of the triple clamps and slide the plastic rings over the forks.
  5. Matthias V.

    YZ Aftermarket Thread

    Someone already bought this? Would like to see it on a bike http://www.acerbis.it/motorsport/en/product/details/0023962#a_page
  6. Matthias V.

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    I have black ones on my 2018 but the fork tubes are different from 06-07. You can order black rings also for the 06 model: https://shop.tmv.nl/nl/dirtbike-frame-parts/front-fork-parts/fork-savers/tmv-fork-protection-rings-kayaba-yamaha-2006.html I have these ones: https://www.technical-touch.com/outertube-protection-plastic-all-yamaha-models-set-000.0379 Faster USA used also black rings on their 2006 yz125 build:
  7. My bike is almost ready now
  8. Matthias V.

    Install plastic fork protection kayaba A kit

    a bit of grease and hot water didn't work, I heated them with a hair dryer for about 4 minutes and then they clicked on the metal ring they can be ordered from kayaba: https://www.technical-touch.com/outertube-protection-plastic-all-yamaha-models-set-000.0379
  9. I ordered the plastic protection rings from kayaba like they use on their A kit forks. I want to install them on my YZ250 2018 fork but can't get the plastic ring over the metal ring that is on the fork from the factory. There is a groove in the plastic ring to fit on the metal one but can't get it so far. I tried from 2 directions with no succes. Anyone knows how to install these rings?
  10. Matthias V.

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Put the Bud seat cover and the graphics on.
  11. Matthias V.

    Yz250 rear brake pad problems

    I always lift the caliper up with a rope around the rear fender. put a big washer between the brake pads(instead of the brake disc) and the bleeding always goes well
  12. Matthias V.

    Yz250 rear brake pad problems

    Because the brake pads are vibrating the caliper get worn out. This was on my yz250 2007 but a lot of yz's have this problem.
  13. Matthias V.

    Yz250 rear brake pad problems

    You will need a new caliper, it's worn out from the vibrations, I had the same problem
  14. Matthias V.

    YZ250 power delivery mods

    If you lower the cylinder to reduce the squish you will get a higher compression so the bike will have more torque/more agressive
  15. Matthias V.

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!