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  1. MaybeMe

    Question about YZ250 Cylinder and Piston

    Contact Coop here on the forum. That’s a stock head and dome, so you should be able to get it reshaped and surfaced and have a head that will run better than before.
  2. MaybeMe

    What would cause this chip in a cylinder?

    Looks like a ring caught and took a chunk with it. Crosshatching doesn’t necessarily mean the cylinder is in good shape. Anyone can hone a worn out cylinder.
  3. “Yeah, from the crankSHAFT, to the counterSHAFT, and then to the chain.”
  4. MaybeMe

    Airbox oring?

    Are you referring to the large round gasket that goes on the inside of the cage between the airbox? Or the smaller washer gasket that goes on the air filter bolt?
  5. MaybeMe

    Y125 rebuild problems

    Airleak or your slide may be stuck. Does the throttle do anything? If it does move the slide, leak down test.
  6. I’m guessing the crank isn’t centered. Give it a good whack with a plastic deadblow or a rubber mallet on the very end and try again.
  7. MaybeMe

    2000 YZ250 locked up

    You can sneak it in this thread here... Williams won’t notice 😏
  8. MaybeMe

    2000 YZ250 locked up

    That YZ is a project and a half. Everything needs to be gone through and redone for it to be rideable and reliable. Carb needs a rebuild and more than likely a slide since I’m willing to bet the plating has flaked off. Engine needs a new crank, all bearings and seals, cylinder needs to be replated and repaired, and PV parts, as well as new clutch plated and probably a basket as well. And who knows if any critters have mangled the wiring harness. All new chassis bearings and suspension needs to be serviced as well. Looking at a couple thousand to get it back in mint condition. Only way I’d take that bike is if it was less than $500, and that’s assuming the cases aren’t cracked or mangled so you could recoup costs if it proves to be too much effort and time to fix.
  9. MaybeMe

    YZ125 loud airbox noise help??

    Figured maybe it was slapping off the bowl. Have you checked the airboot for any cracks or chunks that may be vibrating? If I were you, I would take the subframe off and clean the airbox and filter and leave it off. Run the bike without it and if it’s gone, you’ve narrowed it down. If not, then it’s coming from the engine. Weird idea, but check the base of your silencer where it meets the pipe and check if it’s cracked.
  10. MaybeMe

    Killing Plugs

    Supposed to use Yamabond around the crankcase in place of a gasket I thought?
  11. MaybeMe

    YZ125 loud airbox noise help??

    Is it possible the float is flapping from vacuum?
  12. MaybeMe

    YZ125 loud airbox noise help??

    Sucking air? Is there anything in the airbox or the boot? Is the filter cage cracked?
  13. MaybeMe

    Front sprocket nut loose yz250

    If you can’t get the seal out with a pick, you can send a course thread panhead screw in a little bit and yank it out with pliers.
  14. MaybeMe

    Whats on my cylinder walls?

    Maybe it’s just me, but that piston looks like it hasn’t been run long. I’d be curious to see the skirts. It has no carbon build up or discoloration on the crown.
  15. MaybeMe

    should the piston come up out of the cylinder

    Where are the marks on the piston? In the very center? Could be hitting the plug.