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  1. Fatt_Tones

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    You posted up a question and got some top notch advice about the right way to do it from some people that have been riding a VERY long time. It’s up to you whether or not you want to follow it if you’re not comfortable tapping your bars that’s understandable, but if you don’t want stuff moving around there’s only one way to do it
  2. Fatt_Tones

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    Your friend is full of shit.
  3. Fatt_Tones

    It's Not The Bike

    It was both epic and hilarious 😆
  4. Fatt_Tones

    NBC sports SUCKS!!

    Here in Canada I have a video pass and stream SX with Supercrosslive.tv. The live stream is pretty spotty at best and not cheap at around $180 cad for the season. To avoid this bad quality I will watch qualifying the day of but usually just watch the recorded main events the next morning. To stream MX I buy the MX season pass with NBC sports for around $70 cad for the entire season and the stream is top quality, zero complaints.
  5. Fatt_Tones

    Ktm 300.

    Wait.....what color are the graphics?
  6. I sold a mint low hour 2014 crf230f about two years ago for $2300. I could have probably asked more, but I wanted a quick no BS sale with no games. Well I still got BS and games, but the bike did sell quickly...lol. I don't know that I could have gotten $3000 though considering at the time you could find last year's model on the showroom floor for not much more that that. Things might be different now. $3k seems pretty steep to me.
  7. Fatt_Tones

    Should I sell it?

    The yz125 was your fun bike, but what were you running as your race bike if you don't mind my asking?
  8. Fatt_Tones

    Lock on grips and full wrap hand guards?

    I actually own some of those as well, but I still prefer to run the closed grips. I find when using the bar end plugs it’s still easy to end up with dirt up under the throttle tube if I drop the bike in the silty dirt we have on our tracks.
  9. Fatt_Tones

    1999 cr 125 plastics conversion?

    What I did when I had my ‘99 cr-125 was I used Plasti Dip and blacked out part of the hockey stick side panel to mimic a later model cr.
  10. Fatt_Tones

    Lock on grips and full wrap hand guards?

    Noooooo.....I switched from the pillow tops and the ODIs are far superior. Better grip, wont spin, longer life and most importantly reduced arm pump. Yup same here. Ran Pillow tops and the thinner Pillow Top Lites. Both are inferior to the lock-ons in every way.
  11. Fatt_Tones

    Lock on grips and full wrap hand guards?

    Yes! I run two sets of lock-on grips. One with open ends to accommodate the full wrap handguards and another set with closed ends because I remove the guards for riding MX. Lock-on grips make for an easy solution to plugging off the bar ends for track riding after removing the guards, and a quick swap back to the guards for woods riding.
  12. Fatt_Tones

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    +1 Op don’t mess with any of that junk posted above. I do this to all my bikes. I’ve had at least two hard 4th gear get offs in my life and a gazillion little falls and the things don’t move.
  13. Fatt_Tones

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    So now that you know there are affordable maintenance options are you going to take the plunge? I could totally see you on an orange bike. Think of how it would match that carrot top mane of your’s
  14. Fatt_Tones

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    Maybe Vertex was just the supplier of KTM’s 2 stroke pistons, not sure. It was always my understanding KTM OEM piston = Vertex. Hans put 400 hours on his ‘16 350xc-f before he sold it. I haven’t owned my 350 long enough to know. I personally wouldn’t go that long because my OCD nature would not allow me to sleep at night. People are reporting valves still in spec at 100+ hours.
  15. Fatt_Tones

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    No one was saying KTM people are smarter. I happen to love all the brands whether Jap or Euro and am not a “KTM person” as you so put it, although I do currently ride a Husky. I will say this once more, Vertex IS exactly the same piston as OEM hence most KTM owners go that route when rebuilding. You also neglected to mention the KTM 350 can go twice as long on a piston as the YZ250FX