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    WR to YZ number plate conversion

    you would not happen to have a pic of the bracket you made would you? And measurements. Tired of worrying if the head lite is going to get broken but like the odometer.
  2. Actually I was up there about a month ago and the dam was more than 3/4 full. Earlier in the year the water was running over top of the dam. I was going to go check it out today ...but the car seat for the son is in the wifes car so I will check it out tomorrow.
  3. TFO

    Leaking gas tank 2000 WR400

    Thank you Eric_F. All things are flammable given the right conditions. Everything has it's own flash point. At a certain temp everything gives off a gas.
  4. TFO

    Leaking gas tank 2000 WR400

    I have seen a match burn in a puddle of gas 1/8 of an inch deep x 8" x 5" for 10 seconds and never ignite the gasoline and this was not old gas... fresh out of the pump. It all depends on conditions as to how flammable a subtance will be. Water in the right conditions will ignite also this is how pistons and rings end up cracked. Water creates a more powerful explosion in the motor in the right measurements. thus cracking piston and rings. ( anybody ever heard of water injection ) used in race cars.
  5. TFO

    Leaking gas tank 2000 WR400

    No attitude. Where is the attitude in telling a person to take a fire training course. When they do not know what they are talking about. Could save his life or somebody he knows.
  6. House sitting my neighbors house and picked up their news paper and it was front page news. Otherwise I would have never known till I cruised up to check out the water level. This is cool its only minutes from my home.
  7. TFO

    Leaking gas tank 2000 WR400

    And the answer to your question is yes coolant is flammable. Go back and take a fire training course before you speak of something you know nothing about.
  8. TFO

    Leaking gas tank 2000 WR400

    Yep it is true they will leak what they have in them!!! How ever a fuel tank does not have any pressure in it a radiator has 13-16 pounds and expands and contracts with the tempreture of the fluid inside of it. your fuel will only fluctuate maybe 20 degrees. Your radiator will fluctuate 200 degrees big difference when you are talking about expantion and contraction.
  9. TFO

    Leaking gas tank 2000 WR400

    Tell you what to do. Take tank off empty it. Where your seam is cracked or separating clean it with methyl ethyl keytone (M.E.K ) sand the area off with 80 grit sand paper after sanding clean again with M.E.K.. M.E.K. evaporates real quick. Apply a coat of JB weld while the JB is still wet. Lay a piece of window screen larger than the cracked area by aleast a 1/2 inch in each direction. The screen will hold the epoxy together and wont allow it to crack. Let the JB cure over night. reinstall tank. I had a plastic radiator crack while on vacation 1500 miles from home and the local radiator shop said it would be 3-4 days before they could get the part. This was in the middle of summer hotter than hell had to run the a/c no real choice. Through the expanding and contracting of the motor heating up and cooling off along with the 14 or 15lbs of pressure the radiator holds it not only got us back home but lasted another 4 months until I had the money to replace the radiator. The radiator shop wanted damn near $600 to do the job. Cost me 1 day down time while on vacation and $9.00 in material. I replaced the radiator with a brand new one only cost me $229.00 when I got back home. Just want to thank Montana for trying to F_ _ _ me. azzholes
  10. I will be taking a ride over later this afternoon. I will let you know the size when I get back.
  11. http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=loading-a-bike.mpg
  12. Littlerock dam OHV area reopened after a 5yr closure due to the impact on the Southwestern Arroyo toad. Littlerock OHV area opened on Saturday and had the old ohv'rs out and running in no time.
  13. Exactly ....you have been there before. we will be there tomorrow come out and ride with us.
  14. about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. Take the 5 north to the 14 Palmdale Lancaster exit Pearblossom hwy take it about 6 or 8 miles make a right like going out to Vegas make first right and go straigt in to dam area after the last right it is about 5 miles in till you reach dam gates.
  15. Good news everyone OHV area reopened after 5yrs. All though it is not the biggest area in socal it is still a victory for OHV'rs. The area is the Littlerock Dam area which was closed down due to the Southwestern arroyo toad.