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  1. udhawg

    Ktm paint

    KTM factory colors can be had at your local DuPont/Standox auto paint dealer. You need to have him look it up in the European color books. I got this factory paint for my 990S and all the other colors were listed.
  2. udhawg

    Enduro Jacket

    I use an older model First Gear Kilimanjaro. It is still water proof and has a zip out liner. Some what like an enduro jacket with lots of pockets. It worked well for street applications in cold weather and also in the dirt. Jim
  3. udhawg

    Is it tough to plate a dirt bike in Missouri???

    I purchased an XR650R new. Before I went to get it titled I install the Baha Designs Dual Sport Kit http://www.bajadesigns.com/ which had everything you need except a rear view mirror. Next you will have to have DOT approved tires, they cannot say "Not For Highway Use" on them. Once you get your inspection and apply for a new title, your new title will no longer have the "Not For Highway Use or Off Road Use Only" on it and you will have a street legal ride. When you go for your inspection don't go to a motorcycle dealer, they tend to be very strict with the inspection. Talk around and try to find an auto repair shop that will do M/C inspections, they tend to be a little less strict. When I got mine inspected I just buffed off the "Not For Highway Use" off the knobbies and the guy that inspected mine never even checked. All he did was check the lights and the horn and wrote out the inspection. Jim
  4. udhawg

    Yet Another Moronic Quad Rider

    Not only did he not have his ball cap on backwards...........he didn't even have one on!!!!!!! Jim
  5. I did find this dealer: http://www.motomeccanica.com/ Only they advertise for European motocycles only, but they do give an addtess and telephone number. Jim
  6. udhawg

    Child Protective Services update

    You have to remember this is just one persons opinion. As a doctor that would see that many injuries from the same cause in a short time, even I can understand why he would speak with that kind of logic. If you were to put into perspective with other organized sports for children like baseball, hockey, soccer, etc. you will see allot more injury's, and permanent injury's that will keep that person or child from ever playing that kind of sport again. Not to mention the attitude of the parents living their lives through their children. You know the ones I am talking about....all they have time for is making to the next sporting event on time and pushing their children to play these sports. Jim
  7. udhawg

    Insane gattling gun video!

    Check out this web site http://www.machinegunshoot.com/ I was there a few years ago and there was just about every machine gun you could think of and then some more. One guy had 3 of the Mini Guns on a tripod. Jim
  8. udhawg

    Insane gattling gun video!

    That is not a Chain Gun, it is a G.E. (General Electric, yes the appliance maker) Mini Gun. It is capable of up to 6000 rounds per minute, it is 7.62 x 39 mm, has 6 rotating barrels and is driven by an electric motor. The tracers are normally every 4th round just to give you an idea from the video of how many rounds it is firing. If you ever get the chance to fire one DO IT!!!!!!!! And yes, in certain states it is legal to own, you would be surprised how many of them are in civilian hands Jim
  9. udhawg


    Check out this load of pure "BS" http://www.noiseoff.org/ Look under the "Motorcycle" section and have a good read. I tried to join their Yahoo Group and was denied membership and without a reason. Udhawg
  10. udhawg

    Directional Tires?

    I can't answer your question but would like to know what front tire you are using with the X-11? I am seriously considering the X-11 for the rear but not sure if I want to stay with a knobby or maybe the X-11 up front also. Jim
  11. udhawg

    xr650r: what tools do you take along?

    I also carry 4 or 5 of the BIG long zip ties like the ones used for flex duct so if I have a flat I can't fix I zip tie the tire to the rim and ride it back to the truck. This will help in not ruining your rim while riding on a flat. Jim
  12. udhawg

    Riding in St Louis Area

    Malibu3, The reason I asked is we sold our 99 MasterCraft MariStar 210 2 years ago. I have an XL Eagle Barefoot suit and barefoot shorts that are in good condition for sale. I also have the Lane Bowers Dawg Paws and the toe hold handle for the paws for sale. I have an XL Intensity Dry Suit that was never worn, it is still in the bag, for sale and I know there is some other stuff if I dig around. Let me know if you know any one that might be interested in this stuff. Thanks, Jim
  13. udhawg

    Open the Hoosier National Forrest!!!!!!

    Please pm me with sample letters. We have done this same thing here in Missouri for the Mark Twain National Forest. Will try to help all I can. Jim
  14. udhawg

    Riding in St Louis Area

    Malibu3, Are you a waterskier? If so do you barefoot? Jim