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  1. thirtle

    It finally happened!

    I did a set of protapers fat bar, cr hi and love them. The bars are about an inch higher with the adapters to make the fat bars fit. Ted
  2. thirtle

    Need a Rear Fender

    KLXMonkey, I am defiantly interested in the fender. What kind of shape is it in? Do you have any pics? As for the accident, I was jumping a trail. There is a place in northern CA called Carnegie, which is famous for its hills. Well, the trails traverse the hills and make great jumps and sometimes when you land on the up hill side of a jump it is fun to ride a willie the rest of the way up. I just happen to over extend the willie. When I realized that I went too far I pushed the bike away with my right leg and stepped off with my left. A torn ACL, MCL and Meniscus is the result. Ya live and ya learn. I can't complain I have been riding since I was six and this is the worse I have ever been hurt. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!
  3. thirtle

    Need a Rear Fender

    Ok, it seems no one has an old factory rear fender laying around for a KLX300, so my next question is where the best place to buy a new one is. Also, has anyone damage the rear sub-frame on their KLX300 and how did you fix it? I am talking about the two metal bars that run up from the main frame to hold the rear fender in place. Hope everyone is doing better than me, Ted
  4. thirtle

    Need a rear fender.

    I had a pretty bad get off yesterday and destroyed my rear fender, light and the frame and not to mention my knee. No big hurry in getting the part I won't be riding for a while. If anyone has a old rear fender sitting around I am very interested. '05 KLX300R Thanks, Ted
  5. thirtle

    What bend of handlebars?

    I just put on the ProTapers 1 1/8" CR Hi and I love them. It is a whole new bike to me now. I don't get arm pump as quick and my hands don't get numb anymore.
  6. thirtle

    KLX 300 Graphics?

    Check out http://www.xtreme-graphix.net/. They have a good selection of graphics for the 300r
  7. thirtle

    Hollister KLK Day

    Out trail riding with a buddy of mine on a CRF250x and I was on my KLX300R. We spent most of the day riding lower ranch.. Troll Trail, Ridge Road, High road....... The conditions were great and we hope to get back this weekend.
  8. thirtle

    Hollister KLK Day

    I saw a few KLX's out at Hollister on MLK day and I just wanted to see who was out there, if anyone from this forum. The conditions were just perfect for riding and it turned out to be a great day. Hope everyone is well, Ted
  9. Anyone running a set of 1 1/8" bars, like the ProTapers? If so, what did you do with your odometer? Thanks Ted
  10. Looking for plastics for a '82 Honda XR200R new or used. I mainly need the headlight cover. Thanks, Ted
  11. thirtle

    Front Brake line

    Why yes, I do have a public school education. I meant to type Miami Trails.
  12. thirtle

    Newbie -KLX 300 oil filter question

    Not sure what the gurus think about these, but I bought a stainless steel filter from K&P http://www.kandpengineering.com/who.html. I think I only paid $25 or so for it. Cheers, Ted
  13. thirtle

    Front Brake line

    Ok, going to try to answer mulitple post here. Tim, I have a '05 KLX 300R with the airbox mod and DJ kit. Brewster, Tuesday and Thursday are great for me as well, actually next week looks pretty good on the 7th or 9th. Miami Trail is just outside of Oakhurst down on Highway 41. The riding there was freaking awsome. Well maintained trails and very nice single track stuff, as well as plenty of open fire roads. Check out this site with a map an some info. http://www.spatdog.com/miami.htm Thanks again for all of the great brake info. Cheers, Ted
  14. thirtle

    Front Brake line

    Tim, Thanks for the info. I am looking at replacing the entire brake line with a new braided unit. Maybe all of us East Bay TTer's can hook up at Carnegie one day and turn the hills green. I know Brewster lives near by as well and I need to do the suspension ride to determine if I want to upgrade my front forks. Cheers, Ted
  15. thirtle

    Front Brake line

    Hey guys, This weekend I was at Miami Trials and I got introduced to steep up hills with large rocks. Though I made it though weekend without breaking anything important I did put a nice dent in my front brake line. I am wondering how hard it is to change that hard-line to a braided brake hose. Has anyone done this or is it just easier to buy a caliper guard? Hope everyone got to ride over the holiday. Cheers,