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  1. RgHcr250

    Walker Valley trail Conditions

    My bad. I was merely making an observation that there's been a lot of logging out at Walker Valley. I understand its a working forest. Excuse me for being disrespectful towards an entitled authority figure such as yourself. Trust me, this will be the last time I post on this forum &%$#@!
  2. RgHcr250

    Walker Valley trail Conditions

    Talk about crying geez....
  3. RgHcr250

    Walker Valley trail Conditions

    Geez who let the grumpy guy out? Soft spot for arguments?
  4. RgHcr250

    Walker Valley trail Conditions

    Walker is turning into a clear cut wasteland...
  5. RgHcr250

    Walker Valley trail Conditions

    Whats WV like right now? Still half under that cold white stuff?
  6. RgHcr250

    Last minute Walker ride?!

    How was it out there?
  7. RgHcr250

    Best year?

    My 16 FX....best bike owned yet
  8. RgHcr250

    GYTR tuner

    Theres a difference between tunes that can be felt. All in what you really want from the bike. I loaded the Dirt Bike Test map and its nice. Feels like smoother and little more torque off the bottom with more "power" in the middle. I quote power bc the tuner may add a small amount of power but it really seems to just move it around much like jetting a carb. Its cool. Search Ebay I found a good deal there
  9. RgHcr250

    GYTR tuner

    Check here too good read http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1181125-using-the-gytr-tuner-on-yz250fx/?hl=%2Bgytr+%2Btuner+%2Bfx#entry13044033
  10. RgHcr250

    GYTR tuner

    I just got mine today for the 250fx....I loaded the dirt bike test map and the 2 other maps yamaha posted on their website. I haven't tested it yet but Ive read enough posts and reviews to justify buying one......the next ride will tell me the real story
  11. RgHcr250

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    Dry and little dusty, the trails are friggin interstates if you flow good. Not ALL the trails are dusty....the non-mapped ones still have some loamy PNW soil I saw 2 ALTA electric dirty bikes testing out there on Thursday, cool dudes. A bunch of Border Patrol agents were riding 4wheelers when I left....
  12. I had to make an appointment at Skagit Powersports....kinda skeptical about it but I've been scoping out eBay. I hear it's worth it anyways buy once cry once
  13. RgHcr250

    Naches trail update 7-2

    Thank you Russ and to those gentlemen that cleared that trail. 941 to Blowout is an awesome trail!!!
  14. RgHcr250

    New Stuff For 2017 250 FX

    What in the F*#% is up with not having a kickstarter on a woods bike? It was a no brainer when it came to the 250xcf, no kickstarter?! Blue all the way it is then. I love my magic button and I'm sure Yamaha didn't waste time on testing, but there are those times. They are rare, but it's a back up. It's smart to still be able to kick a bike over if the starter or electronics get smashed...(huge if but this is dirt biking)