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  1. TM_Rider

    07 450 shootout results

    I would like to see the test also for the TM. I'm looking at a few 450's to buy the replace my 98 TM.
  2. TM_Rider

    New ' 07 Beta range

    This is the response I got from them today, While prices have not yet been determined due to the exchange rate, we expect they will be priced simular to the current KTM's. Our focus today is establishing a strong dealer network. You can sign up for our E-newsletter at www.americanbeta.com We will update you on the progress of new models, accessories, and product information. Thank you again for your interest in Beta Motorcycles. American Beta 2800 Riverside Ave Paso Robles, CA 93446 866-990-6990 Email: info@americanbeta.com
  3. TM_Rider

    New ' 07 Beta range

    Nice looking bikes, I emailed them about prices and when they will be available here in the US.
  4. TM_Rider

    TM 450 injection .

    Wild FX- What year and model is your TM? I have a 98 250 and the clutch does creep. Maybe I should try Bodyman's idea. I have also heard that you can remove a clutch disc or swap them out with CR plates
  5. TM_Rider

    What should I expect at Redbird Hyden KY

    Of course I will be riding my TM
  6. TM_Rider

    What should I expect at Redbird Hyden KY

    I will be with some others too that will be riding at S-Tree, Turkey Foot and maybe some other places in the area during Thanksgiving/weekend. There will be lots of others in my group riding a ATK, Cannondale(crossfingers), KTM's, and a CRF. Robb
  7. TM_Rider

    TM 450 injection .

    I have seen other pics of that 700 #74, and I have to say thats the most bada$$ SM bike I have ever seen.
  8. TM_Rider

    Sell me a 2 stroke

    I have a 98 TM 250 that I'm thinking about selling to buy a new TM. Super clean bike and I'm in Dubuque. Hey Baja, are you bringing your KTM to KY?
  9. TM_Rider

    Hey wr200man....

    Put some gas in it and ride it around for about 30 min and sell it to me for cheeep! I need a new bike to ride Marc, I can't believe you sold the Reflux!
  10. TM_Rider

    I am looking to purchase a Vertemati

    Have you ever thought about selling one of them? I would love to get a enduro or MX model. I only ride a few times a year so a nice Vert should last me forever. I'm going to restore my TM and put it away. I still have that new TM pipe that you sold me a few years ago! I never used it, too afraid I would put a dent in it Robb
  11. TM_Rider

    BC on Monday

    I'm getting everything ready to go. First time riding at BC so this will be fun or it could be I also checked the weather and it looks great for riding tomorrow.
  12. TM_Rider

    tm's at isde

    I would love a TM forum. I always search for TM stuff on google but never really find anything, just some dealers with old pics. There is a yahoo TM group but nobody really posts anything. Is there really any other places to talk about TM's than this site?
  13. TM_Rider

    Maquoketa HS 9/18

    So whats at Maquoketa? A track, riding park? Maquoteka is only about 30 min away from me, so I'm just curious.
  14. TM_Rider

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    Ya I got one, 98 TM 250
  15. TM_Rider

    Bluff Creek Monday 9/26???

    Well if there is any goatpaths in BC, I will be down to pick up the Reflux, oh I'm sorry the Reflex