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  1. 4WheelingPlus

    ATV'ers Do It Again!

    Well said! Those of you criticizing anyone for choosing a different amount of tires than you on their recreational vehicle are seriously missing the big picture. If it has at least one tire and a fuel burning engine... it is a target for those that think we should all stay at home and play board games instead of being outdoors. Anyone with any amount of tires can cause damage... if they (the person not the vehicle) are STUPID enough to do so. You shouldn't be anti-anything except anti-human stupidity. Human stupidity is not vehicle specific.
  2. 4WheelingPlus

    Found: watch & penny on Taneum area trails

    Your starting to make me feel bad... I was looking for an excuse to "pull over" anyways and it just so happened that I saw the watch and well... "EXCUSE" happened. - Ron
  3. 4WheelingPlus

    Found: watch & penny on Taneum area trails

    Thanks for the compliment. BTW: niether the watch or the penny have been claimed. The funny thing is... the penny could be worth more than the watch??? I'm certain it fell out of someones pocket since it was clean and on top of the dirt. It didn't just grow there. Scary thing is... I recently moved and I have NO idea where the watch or the penny went. They are most likely in some box that will not be unpacked until 2011 or later. Thanks, Ron Dunn Jr http://www.4WheelingPlus.com
  4. 4WheelingPlus

    Noise demonstration in Olympia Nov9

    IMO: It went pretty well. There was a lot of really good comments. A lot of what is in this thread was represented in one way or another today. Images of the noise demo: Ron Dunn Jr http://www.4WheelingPlus.com
  5. No joke... I found a nice watch and a rare penny on the single track trails in the Taneum area. Go here for more info and how to claim them: http://www.4wheelingplus.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=18 Thanks, Ron Dunn Jr http://www.4WheelingPlus.com
  6. 4WheelingPlus

    Helmetcam vid from Taneum ride

    I've got space on one of my servers if you want to post some vids/pics. Send me a PM if you need help hosting something. Anything for the good of the sport. Ron Dunn Jr 4WheelingPlus.com
  7. 4WheelingPlus

    Who's from where?!

    I hate to admit it... Cle Elum, WA
  8. 4WheelingPlus

    Eastern Washington Camping Trip

    Eastern WA dunes = Moses Lake. If you want tight fun trail in Eastern WA look at the Taneum area near Ellensburg. Have fun! Ron Dunn Jr 4WheelingPlus.com
  9. 4WheelingPlus

    Mechanics in Ellensburg/Cle Elum area (mainly Eburg)

    I agree... go see Jeff. - Ron
  10. TOO FUNNY! Everyone that gets contacted by Trend West/Suncadia Resorts should ask them to re-open the coal piles so we can ride again. - Ron
  11. Wow! Thanks for all the great info. I have been dreaming about it all weekend and I am going in tomorrow for another look. I may offer $5200 OTD and see if they bite. One more silly question... I had knee surgery on my right knee in Feb. It's healed to better than ever but I have a small concern about kick starting that big of a bike. How hard is it to kick start? My 2004 XR650L has electric start so I am spoiled. I see that Baja Designs makes an add on e-starter but that is more $$$ and more weight. - Ron
  12. They were closed in the early 90's. Maybe 1990? Can't remember exactly. - Ron
  13. A local bike dealer has a new 2003 XR650R for sale. Asking $5200 plus tax, license, set-up, etc. It's very tempting but I am thinking I should pay the extra for the 2005. What are the major differences between the 2003, 2004 & 2005 XR650R? Thanks, Ron Dunn Jr
  14. Riding on your honeymoon? You are my new hero. Great pics. Thanks so much for posting them... they bring back a lot of memories. - Ron
  15. 4WheelingPlus

    Riding Taneum 10/16/04 - with Pictures

    UGH! I've got some friends coming over from Redmond that want to do the Sasse Mtn - Corral Creek area on the 16th. Corral Creek is very difficult and the only time I've tried it I crashed about 20 feet from the top... so I want to go back and conquer it. Have fun in the Taneum. I wish I could ride with you. Ron Dunn Jr