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  1. hailskins

    Losing Motivation To Ride...?

    The longer i dont ride, usually weather, work, or family responsibilities/kids sports related, the harder to motivate to go pack up and go out. Lacking a riding partner is the biggest motivation killer. I can go to the same spots with a buddy over and over and have a blast, solo i have to go to new further away places. Which is not really safe. But once i am out there on it, all my pains and gripes evaporate. Probably why i love it so much. Not having a friend to swap stories and have the "damn did you see that air?", "must have been like 6ft off the ground" (more like 12inches but felt like 6ft, ha!) Talking about it, like right now is motivating me!
  2. hailskins

    My dirtbike accident that just changed my life!

    Almost all of my best stories start with "we decided to go out one more time". Its a known jinx amongst us and apparently throughout the community.
  3. hailskins

    My dirtbike accident that just changed my life!

    Here's to a speedy recovery. I am still limping from my recent accident. Went down QUICK screwing around doing wheelies. Bike landed full force on my right foot and right hand. Broken hand and dislocated toe. The dislocated toe turned out to be the worst of all, had to have surgery and they put a pin in it to hold in place. Then a cast. Pain and discomfort aside i had to listen to the wife, nurses, and doctors all insisting that motorcycles are dangerous, i need to get rid of them, i am too old, etc, etc.... That was 4 months ago, i still have foot pain but am very close to going on my first ride since the accident. I was in full gear so i know it could have been WAY worse. The moral of my story is: Go ride FULLY protected, Have FUN, go home in one piece and live to ride another day, leave the stupid stuff for the x-games guys.
  4. hailskins

    Riding Buddys

    Cycle gear is a great place to start but and the BEST for kids stuff. Helmets under $100. Safety first. Stopped me from being completely bankrupt at first. Eventually grew out of it. Still best for some tools, levers, some fluids. Has more selection than any dealer around here. The only Yamaha OEM part I have found at the dealers is oil filters. EVERYTHING else has to come in no kidding. No different than ordering online, and more expensive. Sucks when your trying to fix before the weekend. Sorry kind of a rant just went through it again. My fault but damn, what DO they have back there? Triangle cycles has a sister store in Danville VA and they have managed between the two stores to get me back together before the weekend.
  5. hailskins

    Riding Buddys

    Where are those two? I know there is Devils Ridge in Sanford and I only heard rumors of one down between Raleigh and Fayetteville. Is that 421?
  6. hailskins

    Riding Buddys

    Sounds familiar. I start the day getting air on every berm, slicing through like i was a pro (not really). Then by the time I decide the day is over (usually right after Dickey Bell) I am so tired I'm barely off the seat and getting pounded by every pebble. Its pretty sad. Have you done Daniel? Last time I was there I went far enough to see the first climb, looked easier than Dickey, but I had my son in tow and knew better. Man I gotta get to Brushy!
  7. hailskins

    Riding Buddys

    How is brushy? I like Uwharrie, follow me up Dickey Bell and I'll show you want NOT to do. I leave there tired though. I have done the following so far, NC Outdoor Adv Busco Beach Midway ATV Outback Uwharrie NCMP Cape Fear I think that's it all have plusses and minuses and get less exciting the more you go. I can rarely disappear for more than the day so 2hrs away is about max.
  8. hailskins

    Riding Buddys

    Have you looked into NC Outdoor Adventures. Its $300+ a year but in the end is cheaper than NCMP. We go almost every weekend me(yz250f), son (ttr-110/kx-65) neighbor (ttr-230), neighbors son (xr-85). It gets boring sometimes and the trails are not ideal conditions. But with all the rain no where is perfect. We stay away from the "tracks" since those guys are experience and I don't want my kids on a track with pros. Its a great place for me a less experience rider and for my kids safety
  9. hailskins

    Yamaha YZ250F (2009)


    Like a rocket!
  10. hailskins

    Yamaha YZ250F 2009

    Like a rocket!
  11. hailskins

    Yamaha TTR230 2013

    2 reviews

    IDENTIFICATION Type: Off-Road Warranty (Months): 3 Revision Status: Carryover ENGINE Displacement (cc): 223 Engine Type: Single-Cylinder Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke Valve Configuration: SOHC Carburetion Type: Carburetor TRANSMISSION Transmission Type: Manual Number of Speeds: 6 Primary Drive System: Chain BRAKES Front Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Rear Brakes: Drum TIRES Front Tire(s): 80/100 R21 Rear Tire(s): 100/100 R18 SPECIFICATIONS Wheelbase (in / mm): 54.5 / 1384.3 Dry Weight (lbs / kg): N/A Fuel Capacity (gal / L): 2.1 / 7.9 Seat Height (in / mm): 34.2 / 868.7 Number of Seats: 1 FEATURES Tachometer: Not Available Digital Instrumentation: Unknown Windshield: Not Available