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  1. defibvt

    Bent my bars.

    Bent a riser and broke the handlebar clamp.
  2. defibvt

    Bent my bars.

    I ran short of skill and bent my bars. Anyone in the area have a set they want to sell. My bike is a 2007 rmz-250. The stock bars are Renthal fat bars. 1 1/8 inches in diameter.
  3. defibvt

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    I am 75th and Tbird. When the weather cools off I would be up for a ride. My son rides with me. I have an RMZ 250 and he rides an XR 100. He is 11.
  4. defibvt

    My son's 1985 XR100r

    Picked this up this weekend. My son outgrew his crf50. He is learning the ways of the clutch. Took it out this weekend and broke the clutch lever. New AVS lever is on order. He was all smiles and talking non-stop about his bike. He only got to ride 20 mins and was excited about riding again. [emoji1]
  5. defibvt

    Going riding at Table Mesa this morning

    Thanks for the info.
  6. I am going riding at Table Mesa this morning. Look for a short, fat guy on a Suzuki rmz-250. My truck is white silverado z71. I will be at the staging spot at about 10:30. I am doing a little exploring. I ride slower than most because I am still learning the wsys of the moto bike.
  7. defibvt

    2007 RMZ 250 fuel petcock rebuild kit

    Well, after a lot of searching on the internet and mutiple calls, I had to break out the wallet and buy a brand new petcock. Should have it by next weekend. Hopefully, I can get some riding in with my son.
  8. Like the title says, I need one. I have scoured the internet to no avail. My local parts shop tells me I need to buy a whole new petcock . This would cost me $115. I am not willing to spend $115 for two gaskets. I need a rebuild kit or a work around. My petcock is leaking badly. Right now, I am soaking the gaskets in ATF to soften them up to see if that works. Someone has to have had this issue before. Please help if you can.
  9. defibvt

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    I would have to walk or ride my sons CRF 50. The latter would be amusing. The former very tiring.
  10. defibvt

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    Never been to those areas.
  11. defibvt

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    It was just a thought. I am a Jeeper too. I will drive whereever to ride.
  12. defibvt

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    Yup, drive with them to work everyday. We can figure something out fir riding. Maybe four peaks.