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  1. sawilson925

    2002 KX250 Suspension Swap

    Hello, I have recently come across a 2002 KX250 for a fairly cheap price. I was wondering about a fork swap for 07-08 forks or 09-10 forks. I know it would require the triple clamps for those model forks. What about front wheel/brake fitment? Also would the 09-10 triple clamp even work with the head tube on the 02? May require a stem swap from the 02 triple clamps into the 09?
  2. Okay, so i own a 350 sx-f currently. It has a G2 throttle cam (400), enduro engineering skid plate, Full FC revalve and springs, and some other little offroad goodies. I am a GNCC type rider and i love the 350. I have just recently been interested in maybe going to a two stroke. I've never really been on them. The 250xc seems like a great bike and the opportunity to swap my bike and suspension to a 14 250xc has came up with a little cash on their end. I'm just wondering if anyone here has experience with both bikes?
  3. sawilson925

    2015 KTM 350 sx-f

    What did you have done at FC? I can't seem to get anyone to give me an estimate on having a revalve and new spring on the rear. If you don't mind me asking what did it set you back?
  4. sawilson925

    2015 KTM 350 sx-f

    I have the Enduro Engineering aluminum skid and it amplified the noise for sure. I didn't insert any foam between so that may be one cause. I love my 15 it is so far the best bike i have owned. Who would you recommend for suspension? I am a woods guy myself!
  5. sawilson925

    2015 KTM 350 sx-f

    I have heard to replace the cam chain tensioner. I will probably try that this winter! I really appreciate your help. Seems to me KTM would just invest some of their R&D money into a new tensioner at some point.
  6. sawilson925

    2015 KTM 350 sx-f

    Okay, so i purchased a 2015 KTM 350 sx-f. I am a Midwestern woods rider GNCC type of courses. I have 15 hours on the bike and i feel like the motor is quite loud. It isn't a valve click. Seems to be the clutch. Is it the roller pins KTM uses in their clutch? Are they all loud? (First KTM)
  7. sawilson925

    barcia to JGR

    Okay so no ride day:( couldn't make it. I did pick up a new (to me) 2013 crf450r. Sorry to anyone who wanted opinions on the new Yamaha's. Everyone is talking about the KTM guys for outdoors. I'm just pumped to see Metty back in the US for the summer! Especially aboard the ME Kawasaki team. I think it'll be an interesting season!
  8. sawilson925

    Honda CRF450R 2013

    Awesome bike. Second Honda, First 450
  9. sawilson925

    Honda CRF450R (2013)


    Awesome bike. Second Honda, First 450
  10. sawilson925

    barcia to JGR

    I will let you know. I will clarify that I did not mean the new Yamaha's are horrible. I meant the new 450. That's my biased opinion; so not trying to argue just my thoughts in general. I'm glad your brother enjoys his bike! I have heard great things about their new 250f. It won the shootout I believe? I am actually in the market for a new bike and it is on the top of the list. Saturday will help verify my new found love of Yamaha's 250f. CRF450r is at the top though for me. I love the ergonomics. The motor is a little soft for a 450, but I race mainly GNCC MAXC and IXCR races so no need for the hard hit Nothing an RS-9 and remap won't fix.
  11. sawilson925

    barcia to JGR

    You could argue the same for Dungey's championships. He had no competition besides Short. Are you saying Dungey is a mediocre rider also?
  12. sawilson925

    barcia to JGR

    Attica, Indiana at "the Badlands" not the real badlands. The Indiana version.
  13. sawilson925

    barcia to JGR

    The had Stewart innnnn 2010? So I highly doubt they are tight with money or unable to attract talent. They just want two decent riders instead of one highly paid rider. The new Yamaha's are horrible. That's why James dipped and cancelled the contract. Brayton is the only guy in the world who seems to like their 450, and he does a great job at riding it i personally think! Yamaha demo day saturday so I guess i'll test it out for myself
  14. Hey guys, i've been on the couch awhile (9 months). I sold my 2011 kawi 250f. It was a good, pretty modded, well taken care of bike, but i no longer enjoyed it. I planned to get a new bike. I am an avid snowboarder in the midwest and needed colorado trip funding, oops I was wondering if you guys have any experience on any, if not all, of these bikes? I know the 150 is a completely different bike and riding style than the two big bores. It just seems like soooo much fun to ride. I do a lot of woods racing and riding, but i do just as much motocross. I like motocross specific bikes much better too so no xc's of 450x's are wanted. I'm considering the 13+ models for all three. Please dont bring up any of the ugly blue tanks because I hate those things
  15. sawilson925

    Kx125 build

    Okay sounds great. I'll do some ebay/craigslist exploring!