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  1. Which pipe do you recommend?
  2. Here's an example why a kickstart is needed: Scroll down to Joe Finn's ride report. Made his way to Idaho for a 1300 mile off road adventure only to have his main battery and back-up die on day two. No kick starter on a Husaberg. No confidence in the bike, ride over.
  3. The starter on my Beta has been flawless but I still want a kick start for backup. Especially since I ride alone most of the time and I use a Rekluse. Walking in MC boots sucks.
  4. What's your height and weight?
  5. Everything NW_drZ said. I have the Core with medium springs. I set my idle high so it engages sooner ('12 RS450). It seems to barely creep in first. I use my clutch if I want it to disengage sooner. Like on a downhill if I want the bike to freewheel. I haven't figured out how to decrease the engine braking. Shifting up helps.
  6. I'm interested if he is not.
  7. My guess is you overfilled it by 200ml. Does your crankcase breather tube run up into your air box?
  8. This shows me it's the rider not the bike. Pick a color. We live in good times for dirt bikes. Kudos to GasGas!
  9. It's not...thought he was heading bad.
  10. Jackass Peak Trail is worthy as well.
  11. Here's my last loop out of Fish Creek. Mostly single track. You can find a paper map at any camp pay station. Schmo on this site rides KM all the time. If you're looking for punishment ride Rattlesnake if it's open.
  12. It'll be epic! Are you heading to Kennedy Meadows?
  13. It's my understanding that 2 strokes tend to seize if you run the motor at a low constant rpm for too long. It's been discussed here before:
  14. Not the best machine for this application but hey, I once washed my clothes in the dishwasher, so who am I to say?
  15. The 4 ply didn't last very long in my experience. The outer knobs chunked off in the rocks. The softer version has held up longer.