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  1. Pozo, Kennedy Meadows, Downieville
  2. If you're going to Moab, head south of there about an hour and visit Scott at the 3 step hideaway. He can point you in the right direction. If your going as far south as Death Valley, plan on going a little further to Jawbone. And check out any of the snake pit threads here on TT in the California section. Decide if you're worthy. They're always looking for people to punish.
  3. Anytime. Happy to share the trails!
  4. I want that deal! Now!
  5. I don't know...Morgan Tanke killed it last year on her XTrainer. Her race bike was up for sale earlier this year and I regret not buying it. $8,000 for a factory race bike. I should of pulled the trigger. But I didn't have 8K in my pocket. Well I did but I just couldn't get my head around writing that check. But if I could have financed it over 3 years at 2%, maybe I would have jumped. BTW: I pay my credit cards in full every month. In the CC world I'm known as "a dead beat". WTF?
  6. Yes, I know, we're not suppose to finance toys. That said, riding my dirt bike is more a needed therapy than a past time. So $200 a month is a small price to pay for therapy. Add to that how well a Beta keeps its value and it's certainly attractive. I bought my current bike with cash. Since I don't want to sell this bike I'm financing my next one. To each his own.
  7. Wicked wahines!
  8. 2.75% is best rate I can find. USAA. Where are you getting 1.9% -2.5% apr?
  9. Great. I'll check in with you right before Christmas
  10. Any chance anyone here up for a post Christmas ride at Moonrocks? I'll be in Reno.
  11. [emoji106]
  12. Beautiful trail. Where is it?
  13. From Wikipedia: "Since 2012, KTM has been the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe for four consecutive years. Globally, the company is among the leading off-road motorcycle manufacturers. In 2016, KTM sold 203,423 motor vehicles worldwide." Beta is a small, privately owned manufacturer. They sell street legal models in Italy known as the Alp as well as trials bikes. They would have to change their entire corporate structure in order to manufacture more motorcycles. Not that it would be a good thing. My 2012 RS450 has been practically bullet proof. I beat the hell out of it and it's never failed to start. I could care less what kind of bike someone else rides. I just want my next Beta to be as dependable as the one I ride now.
  14. Last year KTM sold over 200,000 bikes. BETA sold less than 20,000.
  15. Where's it located?