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  1. How much?
  2. california

    I’m gonna try and ride up there this Friday, Schmo. You in?
  3. I've been looking at these. What's your take on the Lectron?
  4. This bike recently had a complete rebuild of the motor. I had the head cut by Kelsey at RKTek and it's been a pain to jet. Finally got it squared for my area so I'm reluctant to change the jetting. I'll install springs for his weight front and back and add a throttle tamer. If he really wants to ride he'll figure it out. Thanks for all the suggestions. Happy 4th everyone!
  5. I really want to get him a bike that he can grow with. Not one that'll scare the s@&t out of him or one he'll outride in 6 months. It's really hard to sell bikes where I live (central coast of CA).
  6. I’m looking for a bike for my 14 year old son. His last bike was a ttr125 but he hasn’t ridden in a year. Since then he’s grown (6’, 140 lbs). I have a ‘05 300 exc which I think he can ride, but he’s a bit intimidated about riding a 2 stroke. Just wondering if I can de-tune this bike until he gets back up to speed. Maybe disconnect the power valve to diminish the hit?
  7. I rides trails, single track and two track. No intention to ever race. I've been offered a set of '18 Sachs OC forks with triple clamps, springs for my weight, set up and tuned my a local tuner. Just want to be sure that the new Sachs aren't a lateral move from the Marzocchi 45's.
  8. How'd the KYB's compare to your stock forks? Seeing as my bike now has Marzocchi 45's I'm going to need new triple clamps. The KYB's aren't gonna slide right in.
  9. I'm looking to upgrade my Marzocchi 45's and I have the chance to buy the complete front end off a '08 yz450. Anything I should be aware of? I figure I'll use the Yamaha wheel, axle. spacers and brake set up.
  10. I can’t make it this weekend but hope to ride with you soon. Enjoy
  11. A 200 2 stroke in the 125 frame? 207lbs wet no fuel? I'm interested! Although the torque of my 300 is pretty sweet.
  12. Start with the jets the manual suggests. Move the needle to the 3rd position. The 4th position is too rich. Do a plug check. If it gets too hot or bogs it’s lean. You might want to invest in some Suzuki needles. Plenty of info here about them. ‘08 RM250 I believe. It takes time chasing jets but you’ll get it.
  13. california

    There are plenty of places to ride just outside the national parks.
  14. If you ride anywhere that’s not flat, that 250 is gonna be too small for your size. That 300 you’re looking at is pretty nice. I just rebuilt a 2005 ktm 300 exc and it’s a super fun bike. Now my 450 sits in the garage. You can mellow out the hit on the 300 by installing a green spring in the power valve and add a throttle tamer. You can easily make that bike more aggressive as your confidence grows and skills improve. Go for it and good luck.